Trip Report: Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur


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I traveled to Kuala Lumpur quite frequently last year and did my best to avoid Malaysia Airlines. Why? Let’s just say I was scared. I often ended up flying with Cathay Pacific which necessitates a stop in Hong Kong. What were supposedly 3 hour 45 minute flights became tiring 9 hour journeys.

So on my last visit to the home of the Petronas Towers, I chose to fly with Malaysia Airlines. My mom and siblings asked me to cancel my trip when they found out I booked with the airline but I told them not to worry. I’ve read many unpleasant stories about Malaysia Airlines but I decided to give them a try anyway. Continue reading

The Year That Was


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I know a handful of people who follow my blog and most of them are asking me to continue writing. It’s really difficult to blog when: 1) You don’t have your own laptop; 2) You are very busy with work; and 3) You have a huge back log of things to write about and they end up feeling like a burden.

Probably one of the reasons why I don’t blog regularly is mobility. I take a lot of food photos and I post them on Instagram instead of writing lengthy reviews here on my blog. Twitter hears most of my rants. As for my (mis) adventures, I share them on Facebook. I will be writing about my 2014 events but as ‘in retrospect’ posts.

A quick rundown of my 2014…

Continue reading

Around Yale University


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Where have I been these past few months? Or better yet, where have I been this past year (or two)? Around. Pretty much around. My life has been very busy recently hence the infrequent journal entries.

Moving on… I just came back from the United States. It was my first time to step on American soil and I had a great time. One of the primary reasons of my visit was to attend my brother’s graduation from the Master of Laws program of Yale University. Yale Law School, by the way, is regarded as the number one law school in the world.

Yale Law School Commencement. This was after the university rites held at the Yale Old Campus.

We spent quite some time appreciating the campus of Yale University. The buildings were grand, charming, and full of history. Walking around the area was surreal, almost like being in a movie. It had a vibrant, old-world charm to it that I loved. Continue reading

Singapore Night Safari


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So, here I am again sharing my Singapore experience from a few months back. Actually, this is the very first part of it since my last one was on Legoland Malaysia.

I hardly visit zoos. There is only one instance which I can recall that I visited a zoo – the Manila Zoo when I was in 2nd grade. There’s something about zoos that don’t interest me even though I love watching the National Geographic. That’s why I was pretty surprised when I actually wanted to see the Night Safari in Singapore.

I look like a dweeb. Then again, I’m a geek. Close enough.

The Singapore Night Safari is the very first safari park for night (or nocturnal) animals. It opened in 1994 and today it welcomes more than a million visitors a year. This award-winning park has more than 2,500 animals housed in areas similar to their natural habitats. A ticket here costs 35 SGD for adults, which is roughly 1100 PHP.

All set for my Night Safari adventure!

The park has different attractions for both the young and the old. Their main attraction is the guided tram ride that takes one across 7 zones from around the world. There are also walking trails for the guest to explore. Quite a number of the animals are too little to clearly see from the tram ride and this is how you’ll see them. Lastly, they have special shows and performances to keep you entertained. There’s a fire dance-slash-stunts show called the Thumbuakar as well as the popular (and definitely a must-see) Creatures of the Night. Continue reading

Sofitel Staycation and Spirals Feast

After a long absence, I have posted an entry again! As mentioned in my previous post, I will be moving my food-related entries to my new Blogspot journal, The Geeky Gourmet.

Here’s a preview of my first post…

One of things that I have been longing to do is to have a staycation. Technically speaking, a staycation is defined as staying home and doing leisurely activities. The scope of the word has widened though, going beyond the walls of one’s house.

Just recently, I had my first staycation experience at Sofitel Philippine Plaza. It is a five-star luxury hotel in the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex and is popular for its highly-regarded Spiral buffet.

Read more…



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A way in which something is usually done.

Once upon a time, the norm for government buildings was to have tasteful architecture. I was roaming around Metro Manila one fine weekend when I ended up at the CCP complex. An imposing edifice caught my attention while in search of the Coconut Palace.

The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), completed in 1976, is one of the grand projects of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Designed by the National Artist Leandro Locsin, it is the first international convention center in Asia. It officially opened in 1976 when the annual meeting of the World Bank was held there.

Back to my little adventure. PICC is beautiful inside and out. Its definitely brutalist. Even if it was designed in the 70’s, the building still looks modern inside and out.

The ceiling is just beautiful.

It looks sparkly inside! Very clean.

The PICC lobby.

The benches are simple yet nice.

What surprised me was how clean the place was. PICC is older than the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 and yet it looks more fresh. Even the comfort rooms were decent!

I just hope in the coming years, government buildings would be like the PICC — timeless.

Feeling Like a Kid at Legoland


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First of all, long time no write! I have been too lazy to blog recently and I have a heyuuuge backlog of entries.

Last week, I had to go to Singapore for business and stayed there for a six days. It was my first time (Second, technically. But my first one was just a stopover to Jakarta) to visit the prosperous city state and I was very excited.

First stop… Legoland Malaysia! Rather than going around Singapore on my free day, I chose to go on an adventure to Johor Bahru and experience Legoland. I have been fascinated by Lego ever since I was a child and I grabbed the chance to see Legoland.

I arrived in Singapore at around 11 AM of Monday. I went straight to Swissotel the Stamford and deposited my luggage. I rode the MRT to Bugis Station and walked to Queen Street where there’s a terminal for buses going to JB.

Causeway Link bus going to Johor Bahru

In less than an hour, I was crossing the Singapore-Malaysia border. There was some time spent going through Malaysian immigration but it was bearable. The bus ride ended in JB Sentral where I had to wait for another bus, LG1, that goes to Legoland. Continue reading