Lunch at Melo’s Restaurant


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I love Sundays. One of the reasons why is that I can have lunch with my family on that day.

Two weeks ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to eat at Melo’s. My sister gave her a Melo’s gift certificate worth 1,000 PhP last Christmas and it was about to expire. Of course, I said yes. He reserved a table for two (reservation is needed) on a Sunday.

Melo’s at Burgos Circle

It was a nice and sunny Sunday. We decided to take an Uber to Burgos Circle than bring a car for convenience’s sake. Continue reading


Excited for Indonesia


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Finally! After four years, I will be seeing my favorite country again.

Photo from my first post about Indonesia.

People often wonder why I love Indonesia so much. So much so that I’ve chosen to prioritize learning Bahasa Indonesia over Mandarin Chinese. My fascination with Indonesia has a long “history”, all the way back from my childhood. I also find Indonesians to be a very friendly group of people. Their attitude is quite similar to that of Filipinos but it seems they are more respectful. Continue reading

All You Can Eat Pasta and Sandwiches at Figaro


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Have I mentioned that I love buffets? I believe I did. That’s why I’m fat. But just to highlight it again… I love buffets or all-you-can-eat deals.

Last Thursday, whilst walking around Shangri-la Plaza, I noticed Figaro’s All You Can Eat promotion. For 299 PHP, you can eat all the pasta and sandwiches you want plus refillable lemonade. You can choose from 4 pasta dishes and 4 sandwiches.

The promo is available daily from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. For pasta, you can have arrabiatta, carbonara, al tonno, and pesto. For sandwiches, you can choose from grilled chicken, tuna and cheese, BLT, and grilled eggplant. Continue reading

Chinese New Year at Niu by Vikings


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I love buffets. I guess that’s pretty evident due to my hefty size.

One of the newer buffet places in Metro Manila is Niu by Vikings at SM Aura. Niu, which means ‘9’ in Old Norse (language of the Vikings), is the 9th restaurant of the Vikings group. Its opening generated a lot of buzz because it promised to offer a fine-dining experience to buffet lovers.

One of my closest friends invited me to have lunch at NIU. He had a contact who was able to secure us a table for a Chinese New Year lunch.

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Taiwan’s Hot Star Large Fried Chicken


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I have been working out in Eclipse Gym along Shaw Boulevard since 2011. When I started, my choice of post-workout meal was limited to either Mang Inasal Chicken or KFC. As the years go by, more and more restaurants pop up near the gym.

The latest one that caught my attention is Hot Star Large Fried Chicken at Shaw 500 Zentrum.

Hot Star is an import from Taiwan. It became popular in the Shilin night market of Taipei for its large fried chicken chops.

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Tom Sawyer’s Old-Fashioned Crispy Chicken is BACK


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When I was in elementary (mid-90’s), our family often had dinner at Tom Sawyer’s in Greenhills. After picking us up in La Salle, my parents will bring us there. The restaurant was known for their juicy super-sized crispy fried chicken which they prepared only upon being ordered.

It was located along a strip of restaurants in the area where the Promenade was built on. I have many happy memories at Tom Sawyer’s and my love for fried chicken pretty much began there. The restaurant had a special place in my heart.

Sadly, probably due to the development plans for the Greenhills Shopping Center, Tom Sawyer’s had to close. I couldn’t remember which year the restaurant closed but it was probably before I began high school. Continue reading

Afternoon Tea at TWG


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I love afternoon tea. It’s one of those dainty activities that I love treating myself to.

Yesterday, I had an impromptu lunch date with my cousins and my mom. It was one of those moments wherein I suddenly dialed a number for no reason at all.

We agreed to meet up at Greenbelt 5. Picking a restaurant to have lunch in is always a difficult task. I initially wanted to eat at Flavors in Holiday Inn but it was full. We ended up having a hearty meal at Krazy Garlik.

After having a somewhat sinful (oily) lunch, I asked them if they wanted to have tea to cleanse our palate. The choice for afternoon tea in Greenbelt 5 is very obvious: TWG.

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