Trip Report: Sriwijaya Air from Semarang to Jakarta


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This is some sort of a continuation of my previous post.

When I was booking for my flights within Indonesia, I used Due to my preference in flight times, my inbound and outbound flights to Semarang were of different airlines. My flight back to Jakarta was with Sriwijaya Air.

Sriwijaya Air is Indonesia’s third largest airline. It is considered a medium-service airline – not a low-cost carrier but not quite a full-service one. They mostly serve domestic flights but they do have some international flights within Asia.

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Trip Report: Batik Air from Jakarta to Semarang


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It’s impressive. Amazing. Extraordinary. Those words pop into mind whenever I recall my Batik Air experience.

Before this flight, the only other non-flag carrier I’ve taken outside of the Philippines was Jeju Air. I didn’t expect much from Batik Air when I was booking my flights within Indonesia, I just booked the most affordable ones that fits my schedule. I really wanted to fly Garuda but because it was twice as expensive, I opted not to.

Batik Air, by the way, is a new airline whose parent company is Lion Air. It first flew in May 2013. It’s a full-service airline though currently it only flies within Indonesia.

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Lunch at Melo’s Restaurant


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I love Sundays. One of the reasons why is that I can have lunch with my family on that day.

Two weeks ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to eat at Melo’s. My sister gave her a Melo’s gift certificate worth 1,000 PhP last Christmas and it was about to expire. Of course, I said yes. He reserved a table for two (reservation is needed) on a Sunday.

Melo’s at Burgos Circle

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Hotel: Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur


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In 2014, I spent some time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I usually try staying in different hotels but recently, I stay in Starwood properties as much as possible.

In my trips to Malaysia last year, I chose to stay in Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur situated along Jalan Sultan Ismail.

Beautiful hotel near the city center.

It is conveniently located near the Medan Tuanku KL Monorail station and the Dang Wangi LRT Station. There’s also a newly-opened mall, the Quill, across the hotel. Inside the hotel, you will be greeted by a beautiful staircase that is part of the classy and charming interior. Continue reading

Trip Report: Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur


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I traveled to Kuala Lumpur quite frequently last year and did my best to avoid Malaysia Airlines. Why? Let’s just say I was scared. I often ended up flying with Cathay Pacific which necessitates a stop in Hong Kong. What were supposedly 3 hour 45 minute flights became tiring 9 hour journeys.

So on my last visit to the home of the Petronas Towers, I chose to fly with Malaysia Airlines. My mom and siblings asked me to cancel my trip when they found out I booked with the airline but I told them not to worry. I’ve read many unpleasant stories about Malaysia Airlines but I decided to give them a try anyway. Continue reading

The Year That Was


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I know a handful of people who follow my blog and most of them are asking me to continue writing. It’s really difficult to blog when: 1) You don’t have your own laptop; 2) You are very busy with work; and 3) You have a huge back log of things to write about and they end up feeling like a burden.

Probably one of the reasons why I don’t blog regularly is mobility. I take a lot of food photos and I post them on Instagram instead of writing lengthy reviews here on my blog. Twitter hears most of my rants. As for my (mis) adventures, I share them on Facebook. I will be writing about my 2014 events but as ‘in retrospect’ posts.

A quick rundown of my 2014…

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Around Yale University


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Where have I been these past few months? Or better yet, where have I been this past year (or two)? Around. Pretty much around. My life has been very busy recently hence the infrequent journal entries.

Moving on… I just came back from the United States. It was my first time to step on American soil and I had a great time. One of the primary reasons of my visit was to attend my brother’s graduation from the Master of Laws program of Yale University. Yale Law School, by the way, is regarded as the number one law school in the world.

Yale Law School Commencement. This was after the university rites held at the Yale Old Campus.

We spent quite some time appreciating the campus of Yale University. The buildings were grand, charming, and full of history. Walking around the area was surreal, almost like being in a movie. It had a vibrant, old-world charm to it that I loved. Continue reading