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I love working in coffee shops. I don’t know why but I’m most productive when I am in a place where the smell of coffee permeates the air.

Last February, I started to notice a new coffee shop whenever I pass by Pasig Boulevard. It may sound odd but it’s situated at a gasoline station where one would usually find a convenience store.

Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen is within the FilOil Gas Station along Pasig Boulevard near Kapitolyo. According to their barista, they opened in January 2015. They use Douwe Egberts coffee from the Netherlands.

I was supposed to try this out last March with my good friend Mich but I had to cancel last minute because of an accident. One lazy Saturday morning, after seeing a post from them in Instagram about their all-day breakfast, I decided to drop by.

The place was empty when I arrived. I was greeted by their friendly staff (Anna was extra nice) upon entry.

I was a little disappointed when I saw the menu because they don’t have a lot to choose from for their all-day breakfast. Actually, they only had Angus beef tapa (300 PhP, plus 50 PhP for brewed coffee). Good thing I love tapa. You need to add 50 PhP for a cup of brewed coffee.

They have some pastries on display and I must say their doughnuts look good. I ended up trying one after my breakfast. Whatever happened to my low-carb diet?

Anyway, the cafe is not that big. Perfect size, I think. It’s cozy enough for me to spend time in working or studying. Given that it’s along a busy street, there’s a bit of road noise that can be heard. If you are sensitive to that and you want to focus, better have some music with you.

Serving time was the usual 10 minutes. I chatted with Anna whilst waiting for my breakfast.

The Angus beef tapa was very good. The meat was tender and there was no need vinegar. It was quite tangy and garlicky. The presentation of the eggs could’ve been better but that’s just me being picky. The brewed coffee was nice but I wish it was a bit stronger.

I was trying my best to resist their doughnuts but I gave in. I ordered their chocolate caramel doughnut (45 PhP). I paired it up with a cup of Mocha (135 PhP) which is their best seller according to Anna.

The mocha was smooth and creamy. I was still looking for a stronger kick but it was good enough. The doughnut was delicious! They heated it and served it on a chopping board. The frosting was oozing! Mmm. Perfect snack whilst working.

I really enjoyed the food at Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen. The food’s good, the ambiance is nice, and the staff are friendly. The price of their food is pretty similar to other cafes though their Angus beef tapa was on the expensive side.


Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen
1227 Pasig Boulevard, Brgy. Pineda
Pasig City (Fil Oil Station)