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One of the indicators of a good restaurant is how full it is. If it is full and there are a lot of people waiting for their turn to dine, then the restaurant must be something special. One such restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings at Estancia, Capitol Commons. Don’t be fooled by the pic. That was taken past 10 PM hence the vacant tables. You would usually see many people waiting outside just to get a table. Buffalo Wild Wings is an American franchise. It’s a mix of casual dining and sports bar that specializes in… wings! Inside, there are flat-screen TVs everywhere! Our waitress told us that we can actually choose the channel. Wow. Speaking of waitress, their staff’s great — friendly and accommodating. Prices of their food are a bit on the expensive side. Of course, we had to order wings. There were only two of us dining so we decided to get their small size which has 10 pieces (technically 5 cut into two).  An order is 495 PhP and you can choose two flavors. We also ordered their mozzarella sticks for 325 PhP. Lastly, we ordered their Big Jack Daddy Burger for 545 PhP. The mozzarella sticks were nothing out of the ordinary. If you have eaten mozzarella sticks before, it would be pretty much the same. I am not saying theirs is not good, but it doesn’t have the wow factor. It is served with marinara sauce. Nice? Yes. Extraordinary? Not really. For six sticks, I found it a bit expensive. Moving on… When ordering wings, you can choose from 18 different sauces which are ranked based on how spicy they are. Some are ‘sauce’ based while others are dry-spiced. As mentioned, their staff’s fantastic. If you’re wondering how their sauces taste like, they’ll be more than happy to give you a sample. You can have two flavors for the small size. I really wanted a spicy sauce but my friend’s quite sensitive to spicy food. We ended up ordering honey BBQ and garlic Parmesan. The honey BBQ tastes like the usual buffalo wings sauce. It’s a bit sweet with a tinge of spiciness. The sauce itself is fine, it’s just that the meat of the wings were very dry and tasteless. I liked the garlic Parmesan more. The sauce tasted good even if it was not spicy. Again, the chicken meat was the problem for me. It was too dry and too bland. For a place that specializes in wings, I was disappointed. Anyway, last item… Big Jack Daddy Burger. It looks busy, right? Pulled pork, fried onion rings, cheddar jack cheese, and their honey BBQ sauce. Thankfully this one was pretty good. I enjoyed this burger a lot. The patty could’ve been juicier but it was good overall. Still, it’s pricey at 545 PhP. Given the tone of my review, I guess it’s obvious that I won’t be eating here any time soon. For the burgers, I guess. Or probably to give their wings another chance. I do want to try their spicier offerings. I was disappointed with their food though their service is excellent.


Buffalo Wild Wings

Ground Floor, Estancia Mall Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City