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Have I mentioned that I love buffets? I believe I did. That’s why I’m fat. But just to highlight it again… I love buffets or all-you-can-eat deals.

Last Thursday, whilst walking around Shangri-la Plaza, I noticed Figaro’s All You Can Eat promotion. For 299 PHP, you can eat all the pasta and sandwiches you want plus refillable lemonade. You can choose from 4 pasta dishes and 4 sandwiches.

The promo is available daily from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM. For pasta, you can have arrabiatta, carbonara, al tonno, and pesto. For sandwiches, you can choose from grilled chicken, tuna and cheese, BLT, and grilled eggplant.

Believe it or not, I was able to try all (all!) of them. I’ve been avoiding carbs for quite some time and I just felt the urge that time to eat a lot. And hey, I love sandwiches!

First up, pesto pasta and grilled chicken sandwich.

The pesto was bland. I’m not a pasta fan but I usually find it hard to resist a serving of pasta with pesto. But this one, meh. It hardly even had a trace of garlic! The pasta was al dente though.

I loved this one. It’s probably my favorite among the four sandwiches. It must have been the ciabatta. The grilled chicken was nice and tender plus the pesto complemented it pretty well. I wonder if they used a different pesto for this?

The first two dishes alone should have been enough but no, I still have 6 dishes to try.

Next up, arrabiata and grilled eggplant sandwich.

The arrabiata is even blander than the pesto. Trivia! Arrabiata literally means angry in Italian because of the chilli peppers used in the sauce. Sadly, Figaro’s arrabiata was mellow. Very mellow.

This sandwich is just okay. If you’re a vegan, you’d probably love this. The fact that I am saying it’s okay pretty much means it’s probably good given that I hate eggplants.


Carbonara and BLT sandwich.

Some improvement. This one has some bacon bits but not enough. The sauce was too runny and again, bland.

I’m a sucker for BLT sandwiches. This one was pretty good! I enjoyed every bit of it. The bread the used for this (as well as for the grilled eggplant and tuna sandwiches) have the right amount of bite and chewiness. The bacon had enough smokiness and was not too salty.

Last batch! Al tonno pasta and tuna sandwich.

Thank goodness this was the last one I ordered. Salvation! The ‘sauce’ was just right and had a good amount of tuna. The pasta was a bit undercooked but not by a lot, it was still okay.

Last but not the least, tuna sandwich. This one’s okay. I think my mom makes a better tuna spread.


I washed down all the pasta and sandwiches I ate with their lemonade.

A bit too sweet for me. I only had two glasses of it (and their glass isn’t big). I asked for water after my second glass.

Will I recommend the promo? For the sandwiches, yes. If you love sandwiches and you’re not on a diet, go for it. The pasta dishes were forgettable save for the al tonno. The quality of their sandwiches are good, or at least better than Subway. Another plus is the service. Given that they only prepare the food once you order them, you’d expect things to be slow. Thankfully no. Their staff’s extra friendly too.


All You Can Eat Pasta and Sandwiches – 299 PHP

(Not available at all branches)


Figaro Coffee Company
5F Shangri-la Plaza Mall