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I have been working out in Eclipse Gym along Shaw Boulevard since 2011. When I started, my choice of post-workout meal was limited to either Mang Inasal Chicken or KFC. As the years go by, more and more restaurants pop up near the gym.

The latest one that caught my attention is Hot Star Large Fried Chicken at Shaw 500 Zentrum.

Hot Star is an import from Taiwan. It became popular in the Shilin night market of Taipei for its large fried chicken chops.

The restaurant had an Army Navy feel to it. The ambiance is okay at best though I think it is too utilitarian. The place had a ‘deep frying oil’ smell to it, you know, similar to when your mom cooks lechon kawali at home. On the bright side, the staff were very nice.

I ordered their original large fried chicken (110 PHP) plus a side of chicken skin (45 PHP). I opted not to order rice because I would like to believe I’m on a low-carb diet.

The chicken skin didn’t taste like chicken skin. It was smothered with some barbeque sauce which was too sweet. It was crispy though.

When they said that their fried chicken is large, they meant it. The chop can probably cover my face!

I liked the seasoning they used on the original large fried chicken. The breading was a bit thick and it would have been better if they used chicken fillet instead (the other end had bones). The chicken meat was juicy enough for me.

One thing I noticed was this painting…

It’s upside down. I am not sure if they did that on purpose but I found it weird. I told one of the cashiers about it though.

So will I come back to Hot Star? Probably. At 110 PHP, their chicken chops are good enough. I’d probably skip eating in the store though unless I want to smell like fried chicken.


Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
GF Shaw 500 Zentrum, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City