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If I am asked what my biggest mistake for 2013 is, I would immediately say it’s staying loyal to Globe and renewing my postpaid plan. The billing woes I am experiencing right now is absolutely frustrating.

Flashback to the early half of this year. Given that I have been encountering a lot of trouble with Globe’s screwed-up billing (either they come past due or they don’t come at all), I was contemplating on switching to Smart once my contract with them ends.

Things became twisted in favor of retaining my Globe postpaid when I received an email regarding the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4. I registered my interest and a few days later, a representative from Globe called. Since I still had a few months in my contract, I was asked to pay the plan reset fee (which I did through BPI Express Online, paid more even). The representative told me that at plan 999, I only need to pay an additional 600 PhP for the next 24 months for the phone. Good deal, I thought.

Come 29th of April, I happily went to the NBC tent to claim my unit. I asked again and again that the phone will indeed be paid over a span of 24 months and that it will be at 0% interest. After the paper work, they gave me the phone, an LTE sim, a free S4 cover, and Ayala movie passes.

My woes immediately started a week after I claimed the unit. The sim card they gave me was defective. I called their customer service and asked for help but there was nothing they can do. I went to Globe Megamall and asked for a replacement micro sim. No luck. I tried Podium, Shang, Eastwood, even Robinson’s Magnolia… still no luck. I was literally told to find a store that has micro sims on stock! I resorted to having my old sim cut to micro sim size.

Eventually (as in a month and a half after), Megamall had some on stock. Sadly, the sim they gave me still didn’t work. I had it replaced again, nada. Oh well, no LTE for me. *waves white flag*

My next dilemma would be the Supersurf mis-allocation they had. I specifically asked for 120 minutes of calls, 200 messages and 10 minutes of calls to non Globe subscribers, 100 MB of data. But for the first few months, they were charging me for all of the calls and texts I was doing! Why? They thought I’m better off with a Supersurf, not with the messages and minutes I asked for. I kept on calling them to have that fixed. I have a Globe Tattoo postpaid and I had no need for Supersurf. The funny thing is that even their support saw that I opted for the messages and minutes, not the unlimited surfing.

Other irritating entries I saw were bill reprinting fees and late penalties. Hello? When did I have my bills reprinted? Also, why should I pay the amount you are charging me when I am still contesting it?

Finally, the one-time charge. As I was going through my bills, I realized that the phone that was supposed to be spread over 24 months was charged in one go. I was surprised when I saw that I had a 17,000 + bill. To add fuel to the fire, they charged me again for the pre-termination of my plan. I called Globe to have this issue fixed, but as usual, no luck. I told them that I would only be paying my monthly usage charges until they have that fixed.

Globe had a better plan though. First, they sent me a message that I have an outstanding balance of 17,584.12 PhP. According to their SMS, I can have that amount amortized over a certain period. Of course, with interest. Things became worse this week when my phone line got disconnected because of the huge outstanding balance.

The funny thing was, I discovered that my line was disconnected when I was about to pay my December bill through Citibank’s online payment facility. My SMS PIN didn’t come through and I noticed that my phone was not on roaming anymore (I am currently in Chennai, India).

(whew, that was long)

So here I am, venting out my frustration in this journal of mine. I do have a lot of lessons learned.

  1. I should have switched to Smart when I had the chance.
  2. Check my bills regularly (I just programmed my BPI EOL to pay 1599 every month and ignored it).
  3. Live within my means — I shouldn’t have gotten the S4 if I couldn’t pay it in full.
  4. Numbers with names are irrelevant in this day and age where touch screens rule.

I also realized that I missed one payment during the month when I moved from BPI to Citibank. But then again, that’s only around 1,100 PhP.

Sigh. Now I can’t pay my bills and I have to wait until I come back to Manila to have my phone dilemma fixed. I seriously can’t wait for my 24 months to come to an end so that I can switch to Smart. 😦