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One of the difficulties I often encounter while working in Bonifacio Global City is looking for a good place to have breakfast in. See, in Eastwood, there’s a Jollibee, beside our building. If I’m not in the mood for some Langhap Sarap, there’s Bistro Deli (a.k.a. Country Style). In my current workplace, the nearest Jollibee (or McDonald’s) is at least 10 minutes away on foot. Good thing I discovered Da.U.De Tea Lounge.

Da.U.De, pronounced as Da – You – Deh, is a tea lounge located at the ground level of Net Lima. It is owned by the country’s very first Certified Tea Master.

They offer breakfast sets for only 189 PhP plus taxes (around 208 PhP net). You can choose among the Pastry, Thai Congee, and Daing na Bangus sets. All sets are served with either black tea or coffee.

I decided to go with the pastry set since I was craving for eggs (weird, I know). Also, I wanted a light-tasting breakfast. The two seemed savory so I went with the pastry set.

Whilst waiting for my order, I noticed that the ambiance of Da.U.De was pretty nice, save for some chairs which looked a little cheap. There were tea merchandise on display, including cups and tea leaves.

Interesting interior design. Those are not the chairs I was talking about.

Da.U.De Merchandise on display.

Tea ‘mixes’ are available in small containers.

The service in Da.U.De is quick. They served my food in less than 10 minutes after ordering. The presentation of their food was simple but beautiful. I particularly liked how the egg was scrambled… Must try that at home. The tea ‘pot’ confused me a bit but the kind waitress told me that I simply need to put it over the cup.

Nice plating. I wonder if I could scramble eggs the way they did.

Aafrikan black tea. You need to put the tea ‘pot’ over the cup to dispense the tea.


I first had a sip of tea before eating my meal. The tea was really good and it tasted smooth, soothing even. I liked the tea’s taste as is but I decided to add milk and syrup to it. Still good.

The croissant was terrific, very moist inside yet crumbly outside. It went really well with the orange jam (which I loved) and butter. I enjoyed the scrambled egg as well but the serving was a tad small for me.

After finishing my meal, I noticed that there was no fresh fruits served with my meal. I double checked the menu and saw that there was a fresh fruit salad included in the meal. I notified the cashier upon paying my bill but he told me that there’s no fresh fruits included in the pastry set. I showed him their menu and he seemed a bit surprised. He then asked me if I wanted it to go to which I responded yes.

I enjoyed my quick breakfast in Da.U.De Tea Lounge. I am planning to try out their other breakfast sets in the near future.


da.u.de Tea Lounge

G/F Net Lima, 4th Avenue and 26th Street,
Bonifacio Global City, Makati, NCR

(02) 478 35 79