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A way in which something is usually done.

Once upon a time, the norm for government buildings was to have tasteful architecture. I was roaming around Metro Manila one fine weekend when I ended up at the CCP complex. An imposing edifice caught my attention while in search of the Coconut Palace.

The Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), completed in 1976, is one of the grand projects of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. Designed by the National Artist Leandro Locsin, it is the first international convention center in Asia. It officially opened in 1976 when the annual meeting of the World Bank was held there.

Back to my little adventure. PICC is beautiful inside and out. Its definitely brutalist. Even if it was designed in the 70’s, the building still looks modern inside and out.

The ceiling is just beautiful.

It looks sparkly inside! Very clean.

The PICC lobby.

The benches are simple yet nice.

What surprised me was how clean the place was. PICC is older than the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 1 and yet it looks more fresh. Even the comfort rooms were decent!

I just hope in the coming years, government buildings would be like the PICC — timeless.