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A little over three years ago, I wrote an journal entry about my then new phone. It was I think Globe’s first Android offering, a Samsung Galaxy Spica. It originally ran on Android 1.5 and I loved it so much.

Of course, times change. I needed a new phone and I wanted one with a lot of bells and whistles. Good thing I follow Globe’s Twitter account, @talk2Globe. They announced that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will be available soon and that people interested in getting one could sign up for it.

A few days later, I got a call from Globe asking if I am interested in getting an S4. They gave me details and I said yes. Days after the call, I receive an email inviting me to their launch. I’ll also be getting my new phone there. Yay!

The launch was held at the NBC Tent in Bonifacio Global City. Globe ensured that their subscribers and soon-to-be subscribers will be served as swiftly as possible — they had A LOT of staff on site. Also, they were generous enough to provide those who’d be availing the S4 with food and entertainment while waiting for turn.

Bamboo was singing when I arrived in NBC Tent. Hoyyy, Pinoy ako!

Did I mention that the food there were delicious? I think Bizu was their caterer. I’m sorry but I was PG (patay gutom) mode that night. I hadn’t eaten dinner yet and I came all the way from the Asian Development Bank. I initially thought that they’ve already ran out of food. Good thing they replenished everything!

Appetizers. I loved the white one.

Rigatoni, another pasta, and meat skewers. All were good!

Desserts, my favorite! The macarons were nice, especially the nutty one.

The waiting time wasn’t that long. I waited for less than 30 minutes to get my phone. I was pleasantly surprised that the person who ushered me to the sales specialist who’d handle my purchase was the same person who helped me in getting my dad a new plan. He’s from Globe Podium.

I got assigned to my favorite number, yay!

The good thing about getting the phone at launch was that they threw in some freebies. Everyone who got an S4 was given an original Samsung Galaxy S4 flip cover. Samsung flip covers are not exactly cheap, mind you. They also bundled in three months of unlimited messaging Globe-to-Globe as well as Gadget Care for a month. Hooray!

Anyway, after three years, I finally have a new phone. I’m really happy with the Samsung Galaxy S4. Good thing I chose to wait for the ‘right’ phone to come along. It fits nicely into my hand and is very responsive. I am amazed by how brilliant the screen is. The camera’s great as well. If there’s one aspect I don’t like about the phone, it would be the fact that Samsung plunked in a lot of applications that I’d like to classify under bloatware. Still, I think it’s a fantastic phone overall. My ‘dream’ of getting an iPhone would have to wait for quite a while though. 😛