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A few weeks back, March 4 to be exact, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf sent an email regarding an ‘open house’ for their passion fruit and guava flavored offerings. From 10 to 11:30 in the morning of March 17, they’ll be serving Passion Guava Fru-Tea and Passion Guava Tea Latte — for free. Perfect, I thought, since I am always in their branch at the Rockwell Business Center in Ortigas.

Invite from Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

That day, I arrived in CBTL RBC quite early. I actually forgot about the open house until my friend reminded me about it. I ordered their cranberry and almond biscotti while waiting for the free trial.

Cranberry and almond biscotti

The biscotti’s nice and it’s just 55 PhP.

When the time came for the free beverages, I approached the barista and asked if we could already order the drinks. She said yes and asked which one I wanted to try. I asked for an iced Passion Guava Tea Latte while my friend asked for a Fru Tea. My friend then ordered a slice of Triple Decker cheesecake to go with the drink.

Passion Guava Fru Tea and Tea Latte


Triple Decker cheesecake.

The iced Passion Guava Tea Latte was surprisingly good! I wasn’t expecting much from the drink since the flavor seemed weird to me but I actually enjoyed the drink. It’s sweetness was perfect and it would go great with the pastries being offered by CBTL.

Since there weren’t much people in the branch during the open house, the baristas allowed us to order another drink. This time, I tried the Passion Guava Fru-Tea.

Hot Passion Guava Tea Latte and Fru-Tea

The Fru-Tea was okay. It was a little to sweet in my opinion and a little less sugar would do wonders for the drink. I was supposed to add water to it just to mellow the sweetness down a bit but I wasn’t able to do so. Haha!

What actually surprised me that day was that only a few availed of the free drink. Most of them didn’t know and was simply asked by the baristas if they’re interested. What I noticed was that most of the people who availed were doctors who are probably regulars in the branch.

Passion Guava!