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Yes, Cafe Lidia really delights. Imagine fine-dining quality food at very affordable prices. Who wouldn’t be delighted?

Situated in Calumpang, Marikina, Cafe Lidia is a fantastic place to dine in. Unless informed about its location, the restaurant’s quite difficult to discover. I first heard of Cafe Lidia through an office mate who usually dines there with her husband. She had nothing but praises about the restaurant. Since it is in a place unfamiliar to me, I was certain I would never be dining there by myself. Good thing a close friend of mine asked me if I wanted to have lunch there.

If you’re already cruising Calderon St., Cafe Lidia’s hard to miss. Aside from the fact that there’s a huge sign outside the establishment, many cars are parked near it.

I like Cafe Lidia’s ambiance, it’s very cozy and has a certain ‘warmth’ to it. The place is not brightly lit and I find quite intimate… Fantastic for dates and family meals.

Inside Cafe Lidia.

Cafe Lidia’s cuisine is difficult to define because of their wide array of offerings. One thing’s for sure though, all of the dishes I tried there were delicious. Seriously! And the price? Affordable.

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