More than a year ago, Cravings introduced a promo that made everyone crazy — coffee and cakes all you can for 150 PhP. Being a sweet tooth, I wouldn’t let it pass. I ended up disappointed after trying it and wrote about my experience in my personal journal.

Fast forward to 2013. I went to Shangri-la Plaza Mall to accompany a friend in using up his Rustan’s gift cheques. He wanted to take advantage of the huge discounts being offered by Rustan’s after the holiday season. After more than two hours of roaming around the department store of the financially gifted (which sadly, I am not), we wanted to have a snack. Since we couldn’t think of any other place to go to, we decided to have our snack at The Coffee Beanery.

They increased the price to 200 PhP.

My friend knew of my not-so-pleasant experience with the Cravings promo (TCB and Cravings are under one company) and he asked again and again if it was fine with me to have our snack there. I said yes. 200 PhP would only get you coffee in most coffee joints in the metro so I guess it was a fair enough deal. Besides, I believe in second chances.

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