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I think the Liwanag Park is closed already. But like they say, better late than never.

(Pardon my vanity in this post. I guarantee you, this is one of those rare moments in which I have plenty of photos.)

Last holiday season, Meralco cooked up something special for the public. No, it’s not a huge discount on our electric bills (I bet many would have loved that). Rather, they set up Christmas displays inside their huge compound in Ortigas and allowed the public to come and see them for free.

Lights of the Liwanag Park

If you have passed by Meralco during the holidays, you would have noticed that the main (Lopez) building was wildly animated at night. Its facade was covered with lights which dances in many ways. From the outside, one can see the displays in the shape of houses, churches, and trains.Β I met a good friend of mine that night when the idea of checking out the Liwanag Park popped up.

The Lopez building’s facade, all lit up.

Our timing was perfect, the volume of people inside was just picking up. People could only enter through the center gate and shallow as it sounds, I was amazed by the star-like lights that greeted us.

Lights! πŸ˜›

Since we were already in front of the main building, we took some wacky shots of ourselves there. The multi-colored lights were difficult to work with but we were able to get nice photos.

We noticed that there was already a long queue for the train at the left side after the center gate so we skipped that one. We headed to the ‘houses’ beside the main building and again, took funny photos of ourselves. There was a huge Maligayang Pasko in the area and my friend and I took turns in jamming our faces in between the letters.

There was an area dedicated to food and other merchandise ala-Banchetto inside the compound. Of course, people inside might get hungry while enjoying the attractions inside Liwanag Park. Surprisingly, the prices of the goods being sold there were low. We bought random food from the different stalls and found a place for us to enjoy them.

Fooood! The nachos were a little weird. The mango shake was fantastic. The okonomiyaki was ‘nakakaumay’.

Among all the food choices, there were two which caught my attention: Puto Bumbong and Bibingka. Those two in my opinion were the must-eats inside the Liwanag Park.

Puto Bumbong. Super sulit! An order costs 40 PhP, a bit higher compared to the usual ones being sold outside churches. But come on, the quality was much better and their serving was big. Mmmm.

Delicious and moist Bibingka. One serving costs 50 PhP.

We had so much food to choose from! I didn’t know which one to eat first.

Okay, stop with my eating escapades, I have a separate journal for that.

We were pretty much satisfied with what we have seen until we saw the line for the e-tranvia ride. We were hesitant at first to line up but we ended up doing so. Good thing we did, the line moved pretty fast. The e-tranvia ride is a must in order to reach the other sideΒ of the Liwanag Park near the Rockwell Business Center.

On the other side of the park, there was a 3D painting on the ground (which we failed to notice), some mascots, and a robot made up of junk parts of an old Tamaraw FX. I really liked the robot, it was awesome to say the least.

Meralco Bolts!

It was on that side when I noticed that most of the attractions were made up of copper wires. Goodness, I couldn’t imagine how difficult it was to create those houses, boats, and trains by bending all those wires.

Wire boat. Amazing!

Apparently, I have a shot on the 3D painting. Still, it didn’t look convincing because of the lighting.

We found it difficult to get over the robot. After we toured the small exhibit on that side of the Meralco compound, we still took shots of ourselves by the robot. So much so that we failed to realize that we missed the last e-tranvia. We had to walk back to the center gate. We could have exited in the gate near us but we wanted to take photos with the ‘church’ in the background.

Hahaha. I felt like a kid!

After taking tons of photos, we decided that it was time to go. We were pretty tired from all the walking, picture taking, and eating that we have done. But before we exited the compound… I just had to take one last photo…

Tada! I really liked this part. πŸ™‚

Looking back, we only spent around 200 PhP each for a tremendously enjoyable night. And that 200 was spent on a lot of food.

One could easily say that Meralco should’ve just given people discounts on electricity bills rather than having this grand display of lights. But think about it, imagine how fun it was for those children who got into the park to experience such fascinating light shows and displays. Those memories are priceless in my opinion. I certainly had a good time. πŸ˜€