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Happy. That’s how I feel about Toast Box.

I have been wanting to try Toast Box since last year. Oddly enough, it was only today that I was able to eat there. After giving a good friend a hand in purchasing Christmas gifts, he treated me to a snack in Toast Box Greenbelt 5.

Toast Box in Greenbelt 5

After a quick glance at their menu, I ordered their Kaya toast setΒ (145 PhP) which had kaya toast, two soft-boiled eggs, and kopi. My friend ordered their blueberry and cream cheese toast set (150 PhP).

Toast Box’s kopi’s being prepared.

Since it was our first time to eat in Toast Box, my friend and I traded toasts so that we could try both. Both toasts were really good though I liked the kaya toast more. The thickness of the slices were just right and were perfectly toasted. They were generous with the spread and each bite was full of flavor.

Blueberry and cream cheese toast.

We obviously didn’t know how to eat soft-boiled eggs the Singaporean way. After cracking the eggs into the bowls, we ate it. No soy sauce, no pepper. It was still good though. The consistency of the soft-boiled eggs was nice and smooth.

Last but not the least was their kopi. It was so good!


Their kopi tasted rich and the sweetness was spot on. It went very well with the toast. My only gripe was the fact that the cup was small.

It’s a good thing that I was finally able to try Toast Box. I’ll surely come back in the future to sample their other offerings. Their peanut butter toast looks delicious!


Toast Box
3F Greenbelt 5