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What started out as a friend asking for a Thai restaurant suggestion ended up as a dinner out three days after. He hasn’t tasted the cuisine yet and he wanted to try it out. Good thing Metro Manila’s blessed with choices when it comes to Thai food but only a few can deliver the cuisine well. While searching for a Thai restaurant online, I stumbled upon the Facebook page of Mango Tree.

Mango Tree is a recently-opened fine dining Thai restaurant in Bonifacio High Street Central. From the exterior alone, one can easily say that this is more than your regular restaurant – it exudes luxury.

My friend and I were a little hesitant in entering the restaurant since we weren’t as well-dressed compared to those dining outside. Shallow, I know. We walked towards the entrance and the establishment’s crew opened the doors and greeted us with smiles.

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(From now on, I’ll start posting my food entries in my food journal The Geeky Gourmet)