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My old mobile phone is working again, hooray!

My old K750i, refreshed.

Being in a telecommunications project, it would seem a little rude to communicate with the client using their competitor’s service. SIM cards can be purchased almost anywhere for less than a hundred so I got one. Since I love good sequences, I chose a number that’s easy to recall.

Of course, the SIM needed a host. Sadly, there was none readily available at home. A quick check in on-line stores revealed that decent looking mobile phones start at 3,000 PhP. After comparing specifications and reading reviews, I’ve decided to get a Samsung Chat 335 which on average costs 3,600 PhP.

When I was preparing to go to Ever Gotesco where the nearest Abenson was, I saw my previous mobile phone, a Sony Ericsson K750i. The phone served its purpose well, lasting for more than 4 years. Being unused for more than two years, it had its problems. For one, it wasn’t charging. Also, the battery’s busted. Last, the back button’s missing. It does have hope though, so I brought it with me.

Before heading to Abenson, I tried my luck in having the phone fixed. After a quick assessment, the lady managing a phone stall said it could be fixed. Great, I thought. After half an hour, the phone was working again. It had a new housing, a new battery, and a new charger.

Total cost? 650 PhP.

Fantastic. I didn’t bother going to Abenson and headed straight home.