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Makati, the city where many college students dream of working in after graduating. Being the premier financial district of the country, Makati City is host to a number of local and global companies. The country’s bourse, the Philippine Stock Exchange, also found its home in the city. High-rises and skyscrapers form walls on both sides of Ayala Avenue, the financial district’s main artery.

One Friday night, I went there to meet up and have dinner with an online acquaintance. Coming from a client’s office in Pasig City, the travel time to Makati was short and I arrived earlier than expected. Fantastic, I thought, I could take photos of the Ayala-Paseo area. The financial district’s allure at night is just wonderful.

One of the things I love about the Ayala strip is that drivers are disciplined here.

The business district has a good mix of structures, from the old terminal that once served as Manila’s airport to the towering skyscrapers that define the metro’s skyline. Surprisingly, there are still spaces for new towers to be erected on.

Alphaland Tower’s rising fast.

Walking around tall buildings is something that I personally enjoy. The experience is made more pleasurable in Makati because of its wide sidewalks and underpasses. Also, you’d hardly see a power line hanging above you, something that’s quite annoying to see.

The financial district prides itself as home to a number of ‘grade-A’ office buildings. Sadly though, probably due to its proximity to the Manila International Airport, there are no completed skyscrapers past the 300 meter mark. It would’ve been fantastic to see a supertall structure in the heart of the central business district.

Robinsons Summit Center.

The Insular Life building and the Philippine Stock Exchange Tower.

Among all the buildings in Ayala Center, my favorite is the Enterprise Center located at the busy intersection of Ayala Avenue and Paseo de Roxas. Though it’s not glassy, it’s definitely classy.

The Enterprise Center

Ayala Avenue – Paseo de Roxas Intersection. Zuellig’s the building in the middle.

I crossed to the other side of the wide avenue since the meet up was at the Ayala Triangle. As I was walking, the stop and go motion of the vehicles caught my attention.

Ghost cars along Paseo de Roxas.

Paseo de Roxas – Ayala Avenue intersection.

I love this part of the business district because of the trees.

Again, good thing there are underground walkways in Ayala Center. The last thing I’d want to do is to play patintero with cars. To reach the Ayala Triangle, I had to cross Paseo de Roxas.

By the way, the Ayala Triangle is the Ayala Center’s version of Manhattan’s Central Park. Yuppies in the area can be seen here jogging past office hours. A strip of restaurants was opened recently and has since become a popular dining place.

People relax and unwind in Ayala Triangle.

Zuellig Building. Beautiful.

I roamed around the area a little bit more after my meet up.

I’ve been to other business districts both inside and outside the country… but there’s nothing quite like the Ayala Center in Makati. πŸ™‚