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Contrary to what my friends believe, I rarely shop for clothes. Though our company gives us clothing allowance, the extra money usually ends up augmenting our family fund. So whenever there’s an opportunity for me to buy myself new stuff to wear, I grab it.

Good thing Levi’s was on sale, I badly needed new jeans. I’ve lost 2 inches from my waist ever since I started working out. Actually, while walking around SM Megamall, my pants almost fell. I wasn’t wearing a belt and the almost-embarrassment made me buy one. It’s reversible, by the way. Cool, eh?

As usual, I bought clothes from Giordano — great quality at an affordable price. Their plain tees were on sale, three for 999 PhP. I’m trying to move away from my pang-retreat look to a more laid-back one so I took advantage of their promo.

The new underwear will be replacing my pitiful bacon-briefs. I was surprised that a pair of underwear costs a lot, most were north of 200 PhP.

Shopping for clothes is really tiring, so it’s somewhat a good thing that I seldom do it. Finding jeans that fit well is frustrating enough. Still, shopping’s an activity that I won’t mind doing once in a while.

Next item on my list: black, leather shoes.