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Great news to wakeboarding enthusiasts in Metro Manila — REPUBL1C Wakepark is now open in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. An activity that used to require either a 45-minute flight or a 10-hour bus trip to Bicol is now less than an hour away from Makati City.

Right after our Mother’s Day lunch last week, my sister’s boyfriend asked me if I wanted to tag along with them to Laguna. We often go there since both of them bought properties in the Ayala-led development in Sta. Rosa. Yesterday though, we went there to check out the newly-opened wakeboarding facility.

The wakepark is right across Ayala’s Parkway Settings, the village where my sister purchased a lot. The place isn’t completed yet but its main purpose is up and running. The road leading to REPUBL1C is yet to be cemented (read: dirt road), by the way. There’s a tent (which I assume is temporary) that houses the reception and a snack bar.

Being on an elevated area of Nuvali, the wakepark gives you fantastic views of the entire development. I doubt though that you’d be paying attention to your surroundings while you’re busy holding on for dear life.

Parking area.

There are many packages to choose from. If you’re a wakeboarding addict, better get the annual package.

Wakeboarders waiting for their turn.

Even though we wanted to try out wakeboarding, we couldn’t since we didn’t have extra clothes. We just went to the other side of the tent to check out what their snack bar offers. Our tummies were grumbling so we ordered pepperoni pizza.

Walking towards the snackbar.

Snack bar menu. Prices are okay.

Watching wakeboarders fly (or fail) took much of my time while waiting for our order. The activity seems really exciting though I am not sure if I can do what they were doing. My head hitting the ramps doesn’t sound appealing. It would be great if there are wakeboarding lessons in REBUPL1C.

Finally, our pizza arrived. To be fair, their pizza’s really good. The crust is nice and thin plus they didn’t scrimp on the toppings. Add to that the taste of being freshly made. The pizza’s not that big though, but then again, it costs less than 400 PhP only.

I’m looking forward to our next visit to Nuvali. Hope I can try wakeboarding at REPUBL1C Wakepark!