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Thailand is one of the most fascinating countries in Asia. Their rich and colorful culture captivated me. I became very interested with everything Thai to the point that I enrolled in Thai language lessons. Of course, my fascination includes Thai food.

Being someone who’s not fond of clubs and parties, my weekend nights are usually spent with my sister and her boyfriend. Yes, I’m the permanent third wheel. Last Sunday, we decided to have dinner in Just Thai.

Just Thai at the Burgos Circle area.

Just Thai, quite obviously, is a Thai restaurant located at the Burgos Circle in Bonifacio Global City. We were actually torn between Just Thai and a Japanese restaurant across the street. The only reason why we ended up in Just Thai is because I expressed my desire to indulge in Thai cuisine.

This would be the third Thai restaurant that I’d eat in. The first one was Krung Thai which I’ve reviewed in an earlier post. My Thai’s the other one whose review has remained in the drafts bin.

Sawatdee khrap!

So how did Just Thai fare? Excellently, I must say.

Entering the establishment’s a Thai sensory delight. The place is well-appointed with colorful and quirky Thai decor. The smell of ginger fills the air, hinting one of the flavors to be expected from their dishes. Subtle and soothing beats of a ranat ek adds to the Just Thai dining experience.

Even before checking the menu, I already knew what I wanted to order — Pad Thai. Still, we browsed through their menu to choose the other dishes we’d sample. They had a decent selection of Thai dishes which covered pretty much everything, from appetizers to desserts.

Just Thai’s menu.

The prices of their dishes aren’t bad. In fact, they’re pretty affordable. Just Thai’s servings are big, enough for three people. Don’t believe the, when they say that a serving’s only good for two, unless perhaps you haven’t eaten the entire day.

As I’ve mentioned, I wanted to try their Pad Thai. My sister ordered Khao Pad Phed Neua or Spicy Beef Fried Rice as well as a Spicy pork dish whose name I forgot. Most of the dishes we ordered were a little less than 300 PhP. The waiter asked if we wanted our dishes mild or spicy, my sister said the latter.

Pad Thai

Khao Pad Phed Neua, or Spicy Beef Rice

Spicy Pork

I put a little of each dish on my plate and began eating…

nii ahaan thai roi mak khrap!!!

Or… these Thai food are really delicious! The taste was authentic, probably even better than the food I sampled at Krung Thai. Each bite was full of flavor and the spices used tickled my taste buds. The spiciness of the dishes was perfect, though it was a bit too much for my sister. Their Pad Thai was fantastic. The pieces of shrimp were plump and juicy and everything tasted fresh. The pork dish was very tender and it went really well with the spicy beef rice.

I ordered Thai Iced Tea as my beverage. The sweetness of their iced tea was spot on and it had the right amount of ‘creaminess’. It was refreshing and it was able to remove traces of spiciness from my mouth. A glass costs 80 PhP.

Thai Iced Tea. Absolutely refreshing!

All in all, including the service charge, we paid a little over a thousand for three people. Not bad for fantastic food, eh?

An additional note, the service we experienced at Just Thai was fantastic. The waiter was on stand by and attended to our needs well. The food was served on time. On our way out of the restaurant, each member of the staff we encountered thanked us by saying khop khun kha. Funny though that even their male staff said khop khun kha when it should’ve been khop khun khrap but that’s just me being too technical.

Inside Just Thai. The interiors are nicely done — not too tacky.

I now have an additional choice when I’d crave for Thai food. Just Thai’s a great place to enjoy Thai cuisine here in Metro Manila.


Just Thai

Forbestown Strip, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, Metro Manila