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Walking around cities has become an activity that I enjoy doing. There’s a certain joy that exploring places on foot brings. I usually have my trusty point-and-shoot with me to photograph random city scenes.

Towering skyscrapers, pocket parks, and upscale shops.

BGC as seen from the flyover leading to Kalayaan. This photo was taken last year.

Those are just some of the things one would see in Bonifacio Global City, or BGC. What used to be a camp of the Philippine Army is now a bustling business district that’s continuously evolving.

Last weekend, I spent some time walking around BGC. A warning to readers, tons of photos ahead.

The blazing Saturday heat did not deter my desire to walk around the booming urban development. I met up with my sister and her boyfriend to have some lunch in Mercato Centrale. When I arrived in BGC, my sister was still not done with her yoga class at Yoga + so I roamed around while waiting.

Serendra as seen from Market Market.

Homes of the rich. At times I wish I could own a unit in Serendra.

There are pedestrian lanes, people. The building under construction is SM Aura.

Heading towards the shops at Serendra.

Shade, at last.

Fountain wasn’t working.

Red blocks. I would’ve rested here if there was a shade. But no, there was none.

Going towards Bonifacio High Street.

Kukun hotel by Ayala being constructed. Beside it is Muji.

Crossing the street. I wish BGC’s roads were made wider.

Bonifacio High Street’s fantastic for people who love to simply stroll around. I’ve been going back there since my latter years in high school and I haven’t got tired of the place.

I love hanging out in that Fully Booked branch. I usually browse through their travel and foreign language books.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take much photos at Bonifacio High Street last Saturday. I also skipped going to its extension where Jamba Juice is at.

Unfinished shades.

Many new buildings being constructed on this side of BGC.ย 

The cool-looking building with slanted cladding is Net Lima. I can’t wait for it to be completed!

I loved playgrounds when I was young. I bet I would’ve enjoyed playing here.

Ortigas as seen from BGC.

North Bonifacio. This part isn’t as ‘developed’ as the rest of BGC.

On Sunday, my sister convinced me to attend a prayer service at Victory Fort. I was a little curious about what goes on inside the ministry so I said yes. We arrived a little early for the service so we headed to Red Ribbon first to have dinner.

The cash I had in my wallet was just enough for the meal I ordered so I excused myself and told my sister that I’d withdraw some money. Arman informed me that there’s a BPI ATM nearby.

What was supposed to be a quick withdrawal turned into a long walk. The BPI ATM was nowhere to be found and I walked further and further searching for it. Metrobank, Maybank, PSBank, but no BPI. Good thing I had my camera with me so I was able to take some photos…

A speeding Fort Bus.

That tower in the middle looks awkwardly slim.

Deutsche Bank. I like this building’s design. Simple yet elegant.

Looking for an ATM…

Still no sign of the BPI ATM. Walking towards Burgos Circle.

JP Morgan and Chase. Massive building. Wish it was taller. Streets are busy even on a Sunday night.

Had I known that there’s a Chicken Charlie branch nearby, I would’ve suggested to have dinner there.

Burgos Circle area. Bar Dolci was calling my name. Hahaha.

Burgos Circle’s dotted by expensive restaurants.

On my way back. I like this area of BGC. The Mind Museum’s the structure at the left.

I should visit the Mind Museum some time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Bench’s future home is BGC.

St. Luke’s Medical Center, named one of the best in the world.

We’ll be seeing another five star hotel in the Metro. Shangri-la Manila The Fort. ๐Ÿ™‚

After receiving a call from my sister, I headed back to the restaurant. Our food has been served and we had to head to Victory in a bit.

The time I had to explore was brief but I was satisfied. I took many photos which I’d probably share in Skyscrapercity, a site I often visit.

Bonifacio Global City’s a fantastic development, something that could be emulated by future business districts in the country. There are some things that can be improved though.

For one, it could benefit from a tram or a monorail that would whisk people around. Walking under the intense heat was exhausting! Another is that there should be more trees. There are some trees along the roads but they could have allocated a big lot somewhere in the middle for a mini forest. Of course, that would’ve meant less land for buildings. Lastly, they could have made the roads wider, probably four lanes per direction. The main boulevard’s already experiencing some congestion.

Still, BGC’s a really nice place. I wonder how it would look like five years down the road when most of the buildings under construction will be finished.