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Conducted a class.
Attended a conference call.
Did other work-related matters in between.

Yep, my Friday was pretty much busy. Friday night outs are scarce recently and in its place are quiet nights at home or late workouts. Last Friday, I’ve told myself to head to the gym because I’ve missed some workouts this past week.

Knowing that there’s an Avengers craze in the Metro and traffic might be awful, I decided to have a quick dinner first before heading to Eclipse. I was craving for Chicken Joy but the Jollibee in Eastwood Cyber Mall only had wings at that time, so I decided to look elsewhere. Mang Inasal was full and the same goes for KFC. Rather than exhausting myself by looking for other options, I headed to McDonald’s instead.

For some reason, I’ve been avoiding McDonald’s. I usually go to Jollibee or KFC when in need of a quick meal. If I have no choice and find myself inside McDonald’s, I’d usually order McNuggets with rice. Their fried chicken’s too salty for me and their burgers too bland.

McDonald’s Big N’ Tasty Meal.

That night though, I saw a new item on their menu – Big N’ Tasty. It’s a burger with a quarter-pound patty, a lot of vegetables, and a slice of cheese. The burger also has a special sauce that’s different from the sauces used in their other offerings. Interesting, I thought, so I ordered it.

The Big N’ Tasty meal with medium fries and drink costs 165 PhP. Since I don’t drink pop soda, I had to add 15 PhP for a pineapple juice upgrade.

As the cashier completed my order, I looked around the place to find a vacant table. There were a lot of people and I was thankful that I saw a free table.

Not so big, not so tasty. I should’ve ordered my usual.

So there I was, seated and excited to sink my teeth into McDonald’s latest product in the Philippine market. When I opened the container and saw the burger, my first impression was…

This is it?

The patty wasn’t that big. The burger was thick, not because of the patty, but because of the stack of vegetables on the patty.

Still, as long as the thing tastes good, it’s okay. The thing is, the burger’s not good. The patty was dry and bland. Seriously, the dry patty rubbing against my tongue and palate was an unpleasant experience. The sauce wasn’t that good as well. The only part of the burger that I enjoyed was the stack of veggies.

Thank goodness for the veggies.

For less than a hundred pesos, I could have gotten myself a Yum w/ TLC meal from Jollibee. Heck, with 168 PhP, I could’ve ordered a premium deluxe burger from Stackers. I should have ordered McNuggets which I usually have at McDonald’s.

After consuming my not-so-Big N’ Tasty burger, I couldn’t help but feel bad about my dinner. I headed to the gym disappointed with what I had for dinner.


I wonder, how do the other versions of this burger taste like? The Big Macs of our neighbors taste better than ours.

Jakarta’s Big Mac. This one’s the best I’ve had – the veggies were fresh and the patties were really juicy.

Beijing’s version of the Big Mac. The patties were smaller than Jakarta’s but they were juicy as well.

KL’s is as sad as ours.