Give me something fat and 8 inches long that’s good to have for breakfast?



Lumpiang Sariwa!

Mom loves preparing food. Whenever she has the time to do so, she surprises us with treats which are more than the usual. Our kitchen was pretty busy this morning with mom doing much of the work. Dad was mom’s kitchen assistant who helped in chopping vegetables.

Jaaaaaase. Booooooo. Kain na kayo!

And that’s our queue. Time for breakfast! We were greeted by plates and bowls of the components of lumpiang sariwa. It was a do-it-yourself affair, pretty much like a taco party.

Lettuce, wraps, sauce.

Lumpiang Sariwa filling.

Mom demonstrated how to assemble our own lumpia. We get a piece of wrap and lay a lettuce leaf on top of it. Then, a scoop or two of the filling should be evenly distributed on top of the leaf.

Ready to roll!

A quick wrap and a drizzle of the sauce is what’s left to do before I can enjoy the lumpiang sariwa. Time to eat!


Given that the lumpiang sariwa was a bit difficult to hold, utensils were needed to enjoy the unusual breakfast. I sliced a bite-sized piece and popped it into my mouth.Β It was so good that I didn’t notice that I’ve already eaten the whole thing. Another serving please!

It’s fantastic to have something different once in a while. I guess my mom noticed that we’ve been having the -silog permutations for quite some time and wanted to treat us to something we rarely have. πŸ™‚