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Finally, fantastic Dulce de Leche cupcakes and chunky White Chocolate Macadamia cookies are just a ride away from our place.

Sophie’s Mom, the Bakery and Confectionery which everyone has been raving about, has opened shop in SM Megamall. Their second branch is on the Ground Level, SM Megamall Building A, near National Bookstore.

I dropped by a week ago to buy some goodies for my mom. Since my mom loved their Dulce de Leche and Creme Brulee cupcakes, I bought a box of 4 at 50 PhP a piece. I also bought a pack of their popular Spanish bread to discover why people are loving it so much. A pack costs 120 PhP and it contains 10 pieces.

It was difficult to contain my excitement because I knew that my mom would be delighted to sink her teeth into the cupcakes that I just bought. I went straight to the shuttle terminal and went home.

Mom and I had our coffee time and enjoyed the pastries that I bought from Sophie’s Mom.

In one of my previous entries, I’ve already mentioned how delicious their cupcakes were. Let me say it again, Sophie’s Mom’s cupcakes are really, really good. They’re soft, moist, and not too sweet. The ganache was just perfect.

As for the Spanish bread, it was fantastic. Simply fantastic. Rather than the usual sugar and butter filling, it seemed to have pastillas inside. It was even more delicious when after being popped in an oven toaster for 3 minutes. My mom loved the Spanish bread as well, she even saved some for breakfast the following day.

Next time I’ll crave for cupcakes, I need not go far. 🙂


Sophie’s Mom

Ground Level, SM Megamall Building A