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J. Co Donuts and Coffee is finally here in Manila!

Forgive my ecstatic disposition, I just love J. Co Donuts so much. I’ve been in love with J. Co Donuts ever since I tried one in Kuala Lumpur last year. For a donut lover like me, walking into their branch in Pavilion KL was like walking inside one of heaven’s corners. As I’ve mentioned in my entry Hopping Around KL, J. Co Donuts and Coffee originated from Jakarta, Indonesia. I first heard about it when my office friend urged me to try J. Co Donuts when I went to Jakarta early last year.

Last March 15, 2012, the first J. Co Donuts and Coffee shop in SM Megamall opened its doors to donut loving Filipinos.

I was supposed to order only six pieces for me and my mom, but when I saw the glistening donuts in front of me, I wasn’t able to hold back. One dozen please! My eyes hovered over the goodness in front of them and chose which ones I’d include in my dozen.

By the way, J. Co’s donuts cost 42 PhP a piece. A box of six would set you back 230 PhP. A dozen costs 350 PhP.

Since I came from the gym, I wanted to have a little snack. I ordered J. Co’s hot chocolate and asked the staff member for a plate and a fork.

I settled down in a chair near the bar and chose which donut I’d have. I picked the Alcapone, J. Co’s signature product. It has a white Belgian chocolate glaze and almond flakes as toppings.

Now I understand why people had to wait for a while just to get an Alcopone donut – it was absolutely delicious. The bread, the white chocolate, the flakes, the combination of the three was just… fantastic. What I really love about J. Co Donuts is that their dough isn’t too sweet. When you eat their donuts, what stands out is the flavor of the donut.

The hot chocolate was a perfect match. The drink’s sweetness was spot on and it was creamy. I was a tad too excited to drink it though, I ended up with a slightly burnt tongue.

After finishing my snack, I had a big smile on my face. I was satisfied with what I ate and I had a box full of delicious donuts for my mom and I to enjoy.