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I have been wanting to visit Sophie’s Mom ever since my previous manager at work posted photos of her visit there. I love buying sweets for my mom and I thought that my mom would love their pastries. The thing is, their shop is in San Antonio Village Makati and I am afraid that I might get lost, or worse, stranded inside the village. Good thing Sophie’s Mom participates in bazaars!

Sophie's Mom @ the Super Sale Bazaar in World Trade Center. They were a hit, many people were buying goodies from them.

By the way, Sophie’s Mom is a ‘home-style bakery andΒ confectionery‘. Sophie’s Mom has been getting more and more popular and reviews about the goodies they sell are always great. I was able to try some of their products when an office mate brought some to work. They’re known for their fantastic Red Velvet cupcakes and mochi ice cream.

As the saying goes, blessings come when you least expect them. My sister, her boyfriend, and I went to the Super Sale Bazaar at the World Trade Center after going around the metro last Sunday. The first thing that caught my attention was the long queue of people buying… cupcakes! The moment I saw the logo with the lady in it, I knew it was Sophie’s Mom.

Rather than going straight to their booth, I tagged along with my sister inside the Super Sale Bazaar. Sadly, it costs 100 PhP to get inside. What’s worse is that there was nothing inside for me to buy. There were cool v-neck shirts for only 150 PhP a piece but they were too short for me. My feet were screaming for rest after checking out each and every booth in the area. I seriously am amazed by how my sister can go shopping without getting tired.

When I couldn’t go on walking around inside any longer, I told my sister that I’d step out and buy something to eat. I headed straight to Sophie’s Mom to treat myself to a cookie and to buy some cupcakes for my mom as well. It was great that when I got there, there were not much people. I couldn’t believe that you can put heaven on top of a table.

Sophie's Mom's popular Red Velvet cupcakes. (50 PhP/piece)

Moist Dulce de Leche cupcakes. Mmmm.

White Chocolate Macadamia cookies. Really, really good. Seriously. The best. I want more! (50 PhP/piece)

My eyes were fixated at the pastries in front of me. I told the lady in charge of the booth that I’d get a box of assorted cupcakes and one White Chocolate Macadamia cookie. I thought that four cupcakes would be enough to satisfy my mom’s sweet tooth.

I sat down in one of the corners of the hall and munched on the cookie that I bought. The cookie was really, really chunky. Quality was most certainly not compromised in making the cookie. If you’ve tried other White Chocolate Macadamia cookies, the nuts and chocolate are usually in small bits. But Sophie’s Moms’ take is different – large chunks of white chocolate and whole macadamia nuts were used. Fantastic!

My half-eaten cookie. It was sooooo good.

So how did my mom find the cupcakes from Sophie’s Mom?

She loved them. She loved them oh-so-very-much. The morning after I gave the cupcakes to her, she came to our bedroom and asked where I bought them. She particularly liked the Creme Brulee cupcake – she kept on describing how yummy the cupcake was.

Sophie's Mom!

The cupcakes I got for mom. She loved them so much! πŸ™‚

I am definitely getting cupcakes and other goodies from Sophie’s Mom again. I’m pretty sure my mom would be absolutely happy if she gets another box of their delicious cupcakes.


Sophie’s Mom

8760 Santol St., San Antonio Village, 1203 Makati, Philippines