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Dear Fruit Magic Management,

Please ensure that all your stalls are clean and are free from pests. I was craving for your Body Cleanser juice so I dropped by your Eastwood Cyber Mall branch today (November 24, 2011 – 7:20 PM). I got disgusted with what I saw. Aside from the fact that there was no one manning your stall at around 7:20 PM, there were cockroaches roaming around the stall’s counter top, very near the juicer. They were also coming in and out of the hole where the juicer’s power cord passes through.

Find Fruit Magic's surprise.

Tada! There were more of them walking around the counter top.

Like any person in their right state of mind would, I walked away and looked for another place where I can get something to drink. How in the world did you even get a sanitary permit to run this stall? Yuck.

Also, I would like to call on Eastwood Cyber Mall’s management. Please ensure that your tenants are complying with basic guidelines on sanitation. I’m pretty sure that having roaches near your merchandise is a no-no.

Thank you.