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After the KL Hop-On Hop-Off experience, we couldn’t think of anything else to do in Kuala Lumpur. Genting Highlands? Too far. Batu Caves? Slipped our minds. Wander around the city? Righty-o!

We didn’t do a lot of activities on our third day, we simply went around the city. The fact that it was raining was also a factor for us not venturing off to the two tourist spots I’ve mentioned above. We did visit different malls in KL. On our fourth day, it was pretty much the same story before we headed to the airport. Here are some of the photos from our last two days in KL…

Pappa Rich Cafe along Jalan Bukit Bintang. It has a really nice ambiance, I found it relaxing to just sit there.

Steamed bread with kaya jam and orange juice. Absolutely perfect, I fell in love with coco jam (kaya) again because of this.

Berjaya Times Square. This is a really, REALLY, big mall near our hotel. It's 10 floors for crying out loud! There's a theme park in Berjaya that has a roller coaster with a loop.

I doubt you can go around the mall in a day. The mall isn't fully occupied though and the shops are comparable to the ones in Tutuban.

Inside Berjaya Times Square.

The roller coaster inside Berjaya Times Square.

Tourist moment outside Pavilion KL.

A jar of assorted candies from Sticky for my mom.

The Marriott Hotel outside Pavilion KL.

A meal I ordered in Farenheit 88's food court.

A Perodua vehicle displayed inside Farenheit 88. Perodua is a Malaysian automobile brand. How I wish there's a decent Filipino automobile brand as well...

The top of the twin towers at night. We should've went to the Petronas at night.

Old Town White Coffee along Jalan Alor

Old Town's Kaya Toast for breakfast.

The Kaya Toast above was served with soft-boiled eggs. Eating soft-boiled eggs was a weird (and slimy) experience for me.

"White Coffee"

Jalan Alor in the morning. Ate's friend told us that we should try eating in one of the restaurants here, but sadly, we found out about the street a bit too late. The street's parallel to Jalan Bukit Bintang.

Inside KL Sentral. We were waiting for our train ride to KLIA LCCT.

A quick snack at Dunkin Donuts.

Inside the KLIA Ekspres Train.

Putrajaya! We should've gone there as well. Putrajaya is the administrative center of Malaysia.

Departure area of KLIA LCCT.

Checking in...

McDonald's Cheeseburger for lunch.

A decent bookstore inside the LCCT.

KLIA LCCT Departure Gates.

Walking towards the plane that would take us back to Manila.

Old-school boarding. I really like the LCCT concept.

And that’s it! Apologies if my entry seems like an explosion of photos.

I do have a random thought from our trip to Kuala Lumpur… Without a doubt, KL is a fine city, but for some reason, I feel that there are more sights to be seen and more activities to be engaged in here in Metro Manila. I have encountered a journal entry that looked down on Manila. Reading the article was very painful for me, not because the words are just plain hurtful, but because they’re true. Manila was once the gem pearl in Southeast Asia, but now it’s lagging behind its neighbors. I sincerely believe that Metro Manila could become a must-visit city in Asia… All it needs is a major overhaul in certain areas such as garbage collection, crime prevention, and public transportation. 🙂