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A few months back, we had a not-so-pleasant experience with Cebu Pacific. We experienced a 20-hour delay and to compensate for the inconvenience caused, Cebu Pacific gave us one-way free flight vouchers to any of their international destinations.

The free flight voucher Cebu Pacific gave to make up for the super delayed flight back to Manila from Beijing.

Anyway, for the past two months, I’ve been thinking about where I should go using the voucher. I was choosing between Bangkok and Taipei. Bangkok is rich in culture and heritage while I’d be able to practice my Mandarin in Taipei. Flights to Taipei are cheaper than flights to Bangkok but I need a visa to enter Taiwan. It was a tough decision to choose between the two but in the end… I chose to travel locally. I am going to Laoag! I’m getting all excited since I’d get to see the Bangui windmills there as well as Pagudpud. The best thing about it is that since I’m only going to a local destination, they upgraded the voucher to a round-trip one. Hooray! Thank you Cebu Pacific!


By the way, Cebu Pacific was able to retrieve my sister’s luggage (the one they lost in our PEK-MNL flight). They’ve already delivered it to my sister’s home. 🙂