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On our last meeting for the first module of Thai language lessons, our khruu (teacher) took us to Krung Thai, a Thai restaurant situated at the Marikina Public Market. Krung Thai is a Thai restaurant run by Adisorn Srimata, a native Thai who moved to the Philippines years ago.

From the University of the Philippines Diliman, we rode khruu‘s car to the restaurant. It was a short ride from UP to the Marikina Public Market, roughly 20 minutes. Khruu Poi’s husband parked the car in a lot near the public market then we walked to Krung Thai.

Krung Thai Restaurant at the Marikina Public Market

This is one restaurant that can be considered as a hidden gem. It’s not located in a place where people would usually go to to dine out and have fun. I have been hearing about this restaurant for quite some time prior to actually going there so I was glad that we went there on our last meeting.

The restaurant’s interior was really simple. It had no fancy designs and whatnot like other Thai restaurants in the metro. There were some Thai merchandise for sale at the side including sauces and shoes (yes, shoes). The place was adorned with some Thai statues and decorations as well.

Inside Krung Thai.

At first I thought we’d be ordering on a per person basis. I checked out their menu for their meals but when Khruu Poi noticed that I was looking at the set meals, she told me that we’d be ordering food for the entire group. Khruu ordered a lot of food since we were 12 in the group.

Krung Thai's Menu.

While waiting for our food, Khruu Poi introduced us to the rest of the people in the group. The group was comprised mostly of former students of Khruu Poi in previous Thai Language classes. There were also some exchange students from Thailand who joined our lunch out. As usual, I kept myself busy by taking photos.

Minutes after Khruu ordered our food, Krung Thai’s waitresses brought out plate after plate of delicious looking Thai food. A huge bowl of Seafood Tom Yum was placed in front of me and my mouth just watered from the look and smell of the dish.

Once all of the dishes were served, we started to dig in. Khruu Poi began by serving Tom Yum to everyone. I tried the soup and it was love at first sip. The Tom Yum tastes like my mother’s sinigang, sour with a kick of chilli. I am not a big fan of seafood but I found the Tom Yum delicious. The tuna and the shrimp in the soup were good too. A large bowl of Seafood Tom Yum costs PhP 359 and it’s good for 4 – 5 people.

Steaming hot Tom Yum. The soup was fantastic, I just loved sipping it. Its spiciness has this soothing effect on the throat.

Khruu also ordered Krung Thai’s specialty, Thai Fried Chicken. We ate it together with their Thai Bagoong Rice. The fried chicken wasย  awesome! I just loved their fried chicken, much better than Max’s I dare say. It’s very juicy and the skin is lightly crisp. It’s eaten with their sweet and sour sauce. The Thai Bagoong Rice was fantastic too. It had egg and pork toppings. It’s so good it can be eaten on its own. The Thai Fried Chicken costs PhP 259 for a half chicken and the Thai Bagoong Rice costs PhP 279 for a bowl that’s good for three.

Krung Thai's Thai Bagoong Rice. Yum!

Okay, my bad. I took a rather uninviting photo of their fried chicken but I swear, it's REALLY delicious.

The last food that I tried was the Pad Thai. Pad Thai is Thailand’s answer to our Pancit Canton (which isn’t really a Filipino dish, probably Pancit Palabok or Pancit Malabon). It’s stir-fried noodles with toppings like shrimp and bean sprouts. I loved the different textures of the dish. The noodles were cooked just right, they weren’t too soft nor too tough. The Pad Thai costs PhP 189 and it’s good for three persons.

Pad Thai. Delicious!

Of course, we had to drink something, right? Khruu suggested we order Krung Thai’s Thai Iced Tea so I did. It was very, very refreshing. The Thai Milk Tea of milk tea shops are no match to Krung Thai’s Thai Iced Tea. It was a good way to counter the spiciness of the wonderful Thai dishes that we were enjoying.

Thai Iced Tea. Really refreshing!

We finished eating at around 1:15 PM. It also started to rain at around that time. I had to hurry since it was my first day of class at the Confucius Institute at Ateneo and my class starts 1:30 PM.

Filling ourselves up with delicious Thai Food was a fantastic way to cap off our Thai Class. I will surely come back to Krung Thai.

Thai language enthusiasts! I'm the one in (shocking) pink. To my left is Khruu Poi and to my right are my classmates, Joy and Jayson.

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Krung Thai


Marikina Public Market M Cruz, cor WC Paz, Sta. Elena, 1800 Marikina Heights, Philippines