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One of the ironies of life is that when you are desperately looking for something, that something will give you a hard time looking for it. Then when you are not looking for it anymore, it will come. Am I making sense?

Take for example my clamor to have any one of the new Philippine Peso bills. Ever since the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released those notes, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on them. A few weeks after they released the notes, one of my friends in the previous project I was in got a crisp, new, 20 Peso bill. I thought that I’d be getting one soon since my friend already got one and that they have started circulating the new bills.

Boy, was I wrong.

Months passed by and I have yet to get a new Peso bill. I would always use bills of a bigger denomination for everything that I purchase, hoping that I’d be given a new Peso bill as change. Each and every time a cashier would get money from the cash register, I would stare at the bills being taken and wish that one of them would be a new one.

I was beginning to become desperate.

When we went to Cavite for the Kariton Classroom outreach, we ate our lunch in McDonald’s. After handing me the change, the crew member in charge of drive through orders approached the cashier who handled my order. She was asking for some change. Change for what? Change for a crisp, new, 100 Peso bill. I stared at the bill and thought of asking them if I could have it in exchange for bills of smaller denomination. But no, I was too embarrassed to ask.

One time in an FX en route to Ayala, I was seated in front. While I was trying to find the most comfortable position in the cramped seating in front of the vehicle, someone behind me handed the driver a crisp, new, 50 Peso bill. I instantly thought of offering the driver smaller change for the 50 Peso bill but when I was about to ask the driver for it, he noticed that it was a new Peso bill and hid it in his wallet.

Everyday, I would wish that I’d get my hands on a new Peso bill but I had no luck. Well, that is until we celebrated our first year in IBM.

After a delicious (and meaty) dinner at Uncle Cheffy’s, we asked for the bill and split it up accordingly. I suddenly noticed that one of the bills Migz (Team Blue, Lotus Notes) will use for his share of the bill was a crisp, new, 50 Peso bill. Without thinking twice, I asked him if I could exchange my old 50 Peso bill for his new one. He said yes since he didn’t really care much about the new Peso bills since he often gets them as change. Yey!

The new 50 Philippine Peso banknote. Hooray! I finally got one.

After getting this one, I didn’t care much about the other denominations anymore. As long as I have one new Peso bill, I’m happy.

Last Monday, Mars and I, together with the three new members of our team, went to the food court of Enterprise for lunch. I wasn’t in the mood for rice that day so I decided to eat Pesto pasta instead. I placed my order and handed my payment. I was pleasantly surprised that when the cashier handed over my change, a new 50 Peso bill was there.  I now have two new 50 Peso bills. I placed it in my wallet together with the other one.

As the day went on, I forgot about the fact that I was given a new Peso bill that day since I was looking forward to meeting up with Izel and Jhie for coffee at Starbucks. So after work, I rushed to the Starbucks branch along Ayala Avenue (I think it’s the Standard Chartered Building branch) near BPI. I saw Izel and Jhie by the window so I approached them and said hello. I told them that I’d buy something to eat first because I was feeling a little hungry that time. I went to the counter and ordered one chicken empanada and a tall Mango Passion Fruit juice drink. The total was PhP 200 so I gave the cashier PhP 500. For the second time that day, I was pleasantly surprised since when the cashier gave me my change, a new 20 Peso bill was included. I rushed to our table and told Izel and Jhie about it.

The pleasant surprises. New 20 and 50 Peso bills!

Isn’t it weird that when you are looking for something that you want so badly, it won’t show up but once you don’t care about it anymore, it comes to you effortlessly? Oh well, I guess those are just some of life’s quirks.

It might take a while before I get my hands on the bills of higher denomination… After getting those two bills in one day, I started to look forward to getting the other bills as well. Haha!