A few years back, probably 5 years ago, Filipinos hardly knew anything about South Korea. If you ask anybody about the country, chances are the only thing they know about it is that it’s the origin of the highly popular Hyundai Starex (or the cheap Kia Pride)

The Kia Pride was famous for its dodgy quality, a stigma that Kia has been trying to shake off. Photo from http://cargurus.com

Times have changed.

Korean Pop, or KPop, has evolved from being a niche thing to mainstream. It is not surprising to hear a KPop song on the radio. Heck, some Korean bands have already visited our country.

Korean fashion has invaded Philippine shores as well with many young people sporting colorful clothes inspired by the Koreans. Even cosmetics of Korean origin have arrived here, with shops sprouting all over the metro.

One sign that shows how mainstream Korean is now here in our country is the fact that in the University of the Philippines, the Korean extramural classes are packed with students wanting to learn the language.

What I’m really thankful for is that the Korean wave bought Korean ice cream to our shores.

Don't ask me to translate what's written on the packaging. Haha. This one's my favorite.

The Koreans have brought different kinds of ice cream here and the one in the picture above is my favorite. It’s made by a company name Binggrae. And yes, it is shaped like a fish.

Fishy fishy!

I am wondering why these quirky Koreans shaped the ice cream like a fish but I’m not complaining, I love their ice cream very much. It’s just that there’s something wrong with the idea of eating an ice cream shaped like a fish. Especially if it’s filled with red bean paste.

This photo is screaming bloody murder.

The red bean paste oozes out with every bite. So yeah, you get the idea. It’s like eating a bloodied fish. I guess I’m being too imaginative. Haha!

I used to buy this in a Korean shop located in Globe Telecoms Plaza for 50 pesos. It’s great that a Korean mini-mart opened up in a commercial area just outside our village. They’re selling it for 35 pesos. Not bad, right? I often pass by that shop and buy ice cream. I also like their ice cream sandwich, really delicious.