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My flight to the Zhong Guo de shou du (中国的首都,Chinese Capital, a.k.a Beijing) is in two weeks. Everything is almost ready, save for my Chinese Visa. I just need to submit the requirements and I’m good to go… I think (and hope).

My sister has already booked our hotel, Novotel Xin Qiao Beijing.

Novotel Xin Qiao Beijing

I hope that the hotel’s good. Based on the reviews I’ve read, the hotel is pretty decent and it’s near a train station. I won’t expect that it’s at par with Mandarin Oriental Jakarta though.

Gathering the requirements for the Chinese Visa was a quite a chore.

First, I needed an NBI Clearance for travel purposes. I have one but I got it more than a year ago and they require that it’s not more than 6 months old. Goodness, I tried to renew my NBI Clearance for four times. The first three were epic failures for reasons I don’t want to discuss anymore but the last one was successful.  I was supposed to get an NBI Clearance Renewal Card to save me from future hassles but sadly, they didn’t have stock of the plastic card.

Second, I needed a bank certificate with 50,000 freaking pesos in it. I only had half of the amount required so imagine my relief when our HR sent the payslip for our 14th month pay. Getting the bank certificate was easy, I simply went to BPI and requested for one. It costs 100 Pesos though to get a bank certificate. A note though, BPI doesn’t include the money in your Save Up Account in the bank certificate so make sure that your money is in your Savings Account.

Third, I needed a Certificate of Employment. Getting it was easy though there were some misunderstandings between me and the contact person in our Human Resources department.

There are more requirements needed to acquire a Chinese Visa, details of which can be found here.

Anyway, I’ll be giving the requirements to my sister since she’d be asking her company’s travel partner to process my Chinese Visa as well. Hooray. I just hope that I need not make a personal appearance in the Chinese Embassy.