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I’m a frustrated polyglot. I have become fascinated with Asian languages since late last year and I have been dreaming of becoming fluent in a couple of languages. I have already touched Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia and now I want to learn another one… Thai!

Yey, Thai!

The University of the Philippines Department of Linguistics is holding extramural classes on Asian Languages and I seized the opportunity of being able to study a foreign language at a very low cost. They’re offering lessons on Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Bahasa, and Thai. I asked my friend to pay for my registration fee since I couldn’t go to the University Cashier on weekdays. Joining the class costs 2,800 PhP and it is inclusive of the learning materials. Class starts tomorrow and I’m very excited to go back to UP.

And yes, I plan to go to Thailand. I want to go there next year so I better save up.