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My ‘diet‘ is pointless, it’s more like ‘daya-t‘. How in the world can I effectively lose weight when a food haven such as Mercato Centrale exists? I was able to resist going there but I guess I’m meant to be in Mercato eating to my heart’s content. After a month of stopping myself from going there to stuff myself silly with unbelievably delicious food, I visited Mercato Centrale again, this time with my siblings sans my older older brother.

As always, Mercato Centrale is full of people craving for really good food.

Eating in Mercato Centrale for lunch was an impromptu thing. We were on our way to Laguna to see Greenfield City, the location of my sister’s boyfriend’s future house, when my brother suggested we stop by Mercato to have lunch.

Rather than sticking to my old favorites, I decided to try out other things in Mercato. Being a big fan of burgers, I scouted the place for concessionaires selling burgers. I almost went for Off Beat’s Krispy Kreme burger but I decided not to try that out today. A few tables away was Big Bob’s Charcoal Grilled Burgers. I checked out their menu and my mouth watered while reading the description of Big Bob’s Special. I found my burger!

Big Bob's Charcoal Grilled Burgers. Good stuff!

Mmmm, bacon. Always a good thing to see.

The burger patty looks a bit sad in this photo but believe me, it's fantastic.

The good lady was assembling my Big Bob's Special burger. God bless her.

Damn this photo, it made me hungry. I want more!

Right after my first bite, everything around me just faded away. I was in burger euphoria. That has got to be the best burger I have ever had in my entire life. It was the wisest 180 Pesos I’ve spent, ever. 1/3 pound beef patty, strips of bacon, fresh vegetables, and cheese sandwiched between two soft buns. Heaven. The beef patty was juicy and was very flavorful. The cheese was literally oozing when I was eating the burger. The smoky, charcoal grilled taste was perfect. I am definitely going back for this next time I go to Mercato Centrale.

I was feeling thirsty so I went around to look for something to drink. I didn’t see Tea.ology but I did see TeaLC, Lusciousness in a Cup. I looked at their tea concoctions and decided to give Carribean Cruise a try. The mixture of flavors it had was perfect for the summer heat – peaches, mango, orange, and pineapple. The tea ‘base’ they used was jasmine tea.

TeaLC, Lusciousness in a Cup.

Took a stolen shot while they where preparing my order. πŸ˜›

TeaLC's Carribean Cruise is perfect for the summer heat. Very refreshing!

The Carribean Cruise tea was very refreshing. I really loved the medley of fruit flavors as well as the fruit tidbits mixed in with the drink. My brother tried my drink and he liked it as well. It’s just 90 Pesos for the ‘parched’ (large) cup.

Of course, a meal without dessert can’t be considered as a full meal. Good thing that Mercato Centrale has many concessionaires selling desserts. Since I told myself that I’d try out different food stuff this time, I stayed away from my favorite Mercato treats – Empire Macarons and Baked By Anita’s cupcakes. I went to Merry Moo‘s booth and decided to give their much-hyped ice cream a try.

Merrry Moo Ice Cream

Merry Moo's French Vanilla ice cream. Super creamy!

It’s a bit sad that they only had French Vanilla left when I dropped by their booth. But then again, I love vanilla so I got a cup. A scoop costs 70 pesos. The ice cream was really creamy and it had the right amount of sweetness.

I was already satisfied with my sweet fix but something caught my attention. It was a bowl of gulab jamun!

Gulab Jamun by Curry House, a concessionaire selling Indian food.

For those of you who don’t know what gulab jamun is, it’s an Indian dessert. It’s fried dough soaked in a syrup similar to leche flan syrup. I’ve been craving for gulab jamun ever since I tried the one made by my former Indian project-mate’s wife. Curry House sells them for just 20 Pesos a piece. I bought three pieces and I consumed them quite quickly. They were fantastic! I hope Curry House is still there the next time I visit Mercato Centrale.

Having lunch at Mercato Centrale never fails… to make me fat. I’m looking forward to my next visit there. In the meantime, I have to ‘diet‘.