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Just when I was cozying up with IBM InfoSphere Streams, my managers thought of plucking me out of my project and throwing me into another one. This time, I’d experience being a tester and work with IBM Rational Performance Tester. I was supposed to go back to my Streams project right after my IBM FileNet P8 Java API Programming training in Jakarta but they needed people for the performance testing and they chose me. The part that I didn’t like in the change of project is the fact that I’m back to a Makati-based project. Traveling to Makati is horrendously stressful!

Anyway, enough with the work bits. One good thing about Makati is that you’d be spoiled silly with restaurant choices. Today, my friend-slash-officemate introduced me to Buffalo Wings N’ Things.

Buffalo Wings N' Things

Buffalo Wings N’ Things is a restaurant in Solaris One along Dela Rosa that specializes in… Chicken Wings! It is actually a two-in-one restaurant, the other half being Chubby’s Rib Shack. The places feels very laid back which is just right for the kind of food they serve. I do have to point out that the firewood pieces at one side of their restaurant is quite hazardous. There were some that were sticking out a bit that scraped my friend’s head when she sat down.

Inside Buffalo Wings N' Things

Those pieces of wood should be chopped. Haha.

They don’t have a confusing menu with an explosion of choices. You can check out their Facebook page for their offerings. They offer set meals so you’d be able to save a few pesos by availing them. I went for their Meal A which consisted of half a pound of Chicken Wings, a 16-oz cup of iced tea, and a serving of NY Dirty Rice. The meal costs P199. I chose the Firehouse Classic sauce since my friend recommended it. I wanted to go for the Armageddon sauce but I might not be able to handle it.

Firehouse Classic. Delicious!

I’m an instant fan. Their chicken wings are very flavorful! The meat was soft and tender plus it wasn’t swimming in oil. The spiciness of the Firehouse Classic was perfect! It wasn’t in excess or short of spiciness. It absolutely satisfied my craving for something spicy. It went really well with the NY Dirty Rice which tasted a bit Mexican. I do have one complaint, their serving of the NY Dirty Rice isn’t enough. Haha! I had to order another cup which costs P34. Boo.

I loved their iced tea as well. It wasn’t the usual powdered juice fare common in most restaurants. Very refreshing!

Southern (?) Iced Tea

My friend ordered ribs from Chubby’s. They were mouth-watering! My friend said that the ribs were delicious. I must try them next time!


Mouth-watering Baby Back Ribs. I have to try this!

I do have to mention that their service is great. The waitresses are friendly and quick.

I would definitely go back to Buffalo Wings N’ Things. I highly recommend this restaurant especially to those working in Makati.