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Gelato has been in my favorite desserts list ever since I tried one two years ago at Amici. Gelato is the Italian version of the ice cream. Every now and then, I crave for a cup of good quality gelato and boy was I glad that my brother introduced me to Gelatissimo Cafe.

Gelatissimo Cafe @ Greenbelt 5

Gelatissimo Cafe is located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5 in Makati. It opened its doors to the the Filipino people last December 2009. It is actually a franchise from Australia. It has  branches in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

My brother and I decided to get a cup of gelato to kill time while waiting for our sister to arrive. A scoop costs 110, two scoops cost 160, and three scoops cost 190. I wanted to try different flavors so I decided to get three scoops. Oh, you have to pay first before choosing the flavors you’ll get. There were more than 30 different flavors so choosing which ones to get was a bit difficult. They have the standard ice cream flavors as well as ones which are quite different. Chili Choco gelato anyone?

That's just half of their flavors! Mmmm.

Anyway, I ended up getting the Hazelnut, American Chocolate, and Caramel Macadamia flavors. My choices were obvious since I love flavors within the wavelength of nutty, chocolate-y, and caramel-y.

Yum! Really good stuff!

Their serving was really generous. PhP 190.00 seems to be a bit expensive for three scoops of gelato but their scoop is like… SCOOP. The cup was really packed! As for the taste? Amazing. It was love at first bite. The gelato was unbelievably creamy and it oozes with quality. My favorite among the three flavors I got was the Hazelnut flavor. Yum! I’ll definitely go back and try their other flavors.

The place itself was nice and cozy. We chose to sit at the rear part of the cafe since it has a good view of Greenbelt. Being a cafe, they serve other stuff as well like milkshakes, pastries, etc.

I highly recommend Gelatissimo Cafe. If you are looking for gelato of excellent quality, you will not go wrong with Gelatissimo.