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I’m going to Beijing! I’m going to Beijing!


Have I mentioned that I am going to Beijing?


Forbidden City (Photo from Travel Earth)

I’m very excited and I’m wishing tomorrow’s June already since my sister, her boyfriend, and I are going to Beijing. Yes, I’m a third wheel. It was my sister’s idea anyway. She called me yesterday morning asking me if I wanted to join them so I said yes. My sister loves me so much.

I can finally use all the Mandarin lessons I’ve been taking on-line. Hooray! I need to practice though and focus on my audio course on Mandarin for daily life. 你好!

Thank you to my ever so nice sister for inviting me and paying for my ticket through credit card. I still need to pay her back though. Also, a big thank you to Cebu Pacific for your seat sales! This is the third time I’m availing Cebu Pacific’s discounted fares and I’m glad that they’re bringing traveling to the masses.


It's time everyone flies! (Photo from Airbus)

Anyway, I have to save up for our trip. I am not sure how much a four day stay in Beijing would cost. The hotel alone could cost up to 10k!