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你好. สวัสดี. 안녕하세요. こんにちは.

If you’re wondering what I have just said, they’re just “hello” in different languages, specifically Chinese, Thai, Korean, and Japanese.

I am becoming more and more interested in foreign languages these past few months. It all began with my desire to learn Mandarin Chinese which I started self-studying way back in September. Now, I have a list of languages that I’d love to learn. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to travel and be able to communicate with the locals easily?

The languages that really fascinate me are Asian languages. I don’t know why but I am not that interested in learning European languages such as French. Actually, the only European language that interests me is German.

Some of the languages included in my want-to-study list are Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Malay, and Indonesian. The last two are easy according to some. I will be enrolling in the Confucius Institute inside Ateneo de Manila University this January so I will be crossing Mandarin out from my list soon, yay!