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Hello neglected journal! I really need to update you more often.

In my last post, I have mentioned that I’ll be buying a Panasonic Lumix LX5. I have been wanting to buy a digital camera since my old one conked out and finally, I was able to get one. Hooray!

My Lumix! 🙂

I am really amazed by this little camera. I can get the effect I want in DSLRs minus the heaviness and hassle of bringing one. I still have to learn the basics in taking photos though… So far I understand Aperture. Period. Forgive the novice. I got mine from Kimstore by the way. The prices of their gadgets are really low and the owner, Kim Lato, is very accommodating. Oh, their service is exceptional as well. I ordered mine the night before the day I bought it (November 20, 2010).

I also got myself a postpaid line. Yay! I figured that getting one would be more cost-effective since I spend around 300 to 400 Pesos a month on prepaid credits. I subscribed to Globe by the way. The phone that came with my line was the Samsung Champ. I gave the phone to my mom as an advanced Christmas present.

Side story: I can’t believe how expensive some personalized numbers can get. I was supposed to get my prepaid number since it’s available in 0917 form but they told me it costs 5000 Pesos. Why? It was an easy to memorize number. Then I asked if I can get a number that starts with 888… There were available numbers but it costs 12,000 Pesos to get them. Why? Lucky numbers thing. Oh well, that’s business.