Whoever designed the Asian Development Bank HQ must have been a fan of symmetry — everything looks the same wherever you go. The only things that would keep you from getting lost are: room numbers (which are almost unnoticeable), the ‘you-are-here’ signs, and the Core markers (North, East, West, and South).

After our very long morning (which got extended to early afternoon) session, we had our much deserved lunch. I told Mike Cheng, my FileNet mentor from Singapore, that I’d be meeting up with my professor for lunch. So I contacted Ma’am Chris and she told me that we’ll meet in front of the Starbucks inside the library. Yes, ADB has a Starbucks branch inside their library. Anyway, we went to SM Megamall for lunch, chitchatted a lot, and headed back to ADB.

Things got pretty interesting when Ma’am Chris dropped me off at the North Core elevator. I distinctly remember going up that elevator but I forgot which elevator I got down on. So after my futile attempt of navigating back to the meeting room from the North Core elevator, I went down and looked for the cafeteria. Good thing I remembered that the elevator we rode down was near the cafeteria! When I located it, I went up thinking I’d finally be able to go back. No, I still got lost when I got up. Everything looks the same and I had to check out each hallway. When I finally found the meeting room, I was already 15 minutes late.