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I miss singing. More specifically, singing in a chorale. There’s something about being with a group of people singing, trying to blend in harmoniously, that gives me so much happiness. Cheesy, right?

Anyway, I’m not that good of a singer but I used to be part of our organization’s (UP CURSOR) chorale way back in college. We used to participate in the UP College of Engineering’s Awitan, an annual chorale competition hosted by the UP Chemical Engineering Society. It is part of the much anticipated Engineering Week and it’s one of the events that people look forward to.

For a chorale composed of Computer Science students (err, geeks?), I think we’re good. Okay, too much org spirit. Here are some of our performances…

This is the video of our performance way back in Awitan 2008: Isang Gabi ng Lungkot at Ligaya. The theme was Teleserye (local drama tv shows) Theme Songs. Our chosen piece was Ikaw Lamang from the show Sa Piling Mo. Our organization won third place. I was a Tenor 2 that year though I really wanted to sing as a Bass. This is my favorite performance of ours, ever. Even though we could have sung it better, the feeling on stage while singing the song was fantastic. Watching it again gives me the chills!

This is the video of our performance way back in Awitan 2009. The theme was Filipino Folk Songs. Our chosen piece was Tong Song, you know, the song about a crab. We placed second that year, and we were first among Engineering organizations. Finally, my wish to sing as Bass (2) was granted! I loved this performance of ours, really quirky. I will not post the video of us singing the contest piece for that year. Why? We were forced to sang an ill-composed demonic song. That’s why.

I couldn’t find the video of our performance in Awitan 2007. The theme back then was Disney Songs and we sung Bells of Notre Dame from The Hunchback of Notre Dame. And hey, even if I did find a video of our performance, I wouldn’t post it. It was such an awful mess!

How I wish there’s a chorale here in IBM so I could sing again. Haha!