First of all, forgive me for being too dramatic in this entry of mine. Moving on…

I have a lot of friends, as in tons of them. People say I’m a friendly person, they think I’m sociable and easy to get along with. I’ve been like that ever since I can remember. I still remember that on my first day in La Salle Green Hills (Kinder 2, 1994), I made three new friends. Though I can look snobbish at first, that first impression quickly fades away as soon as some interaction with me has been made.

So what is this missing piece I’m talking about? A special someone? Well yes, but not the romantic kind.

I believe I have already established that I easily make friends. Sadly, I don’t have a best friend. Yes, that’s the missing piece I’m talking about.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how my life would be like if I had a best friend. I blame this on the movies I’ve been watching that, well, had a protagonist with a best friend.

The fact that I don’t have a best friend has been bothering me. Am I not that good enough of a person, rather, a friend to have one? I envy those who have a best friend. I envy them more than those who are in a (romantic) relationship. I have spent nights wondering why I don’t have a best friend, wondering if I would even have one in the future. How come others have best friends that they have known since they were young and I don’t?

Okay, I’m going nowhere with this entry. It is simply making me sound like a spoiled brat wanting the latest toy. But I hope you guys are getting my point.

I need someone who I could approach whenever I am in need. I need someone who I can share my problems with. I need someone who I can open up to about anything and not feel as if I’m telling too much. I need someone who I can spend time with and not get bored even though we’re just seated somewhere doing nothing.

Why? I don’t know.

I do hope that someday, I’d find that person who would become my best friend. Girl, boy, bakla, tomboy.. I don’t care. As long as that person could fill my so-called needs.