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Commuting can be very frustrating, especially for those who are used to bringing their own cars. Imagine having a morning meeting and you can’t use your vehicle due to number coding, what are you going to do? The most obvious answer would be to ride a taxi. But that is much more easier said than done. Let’s face it, it’s very difficult to find a cab in the morning. Most of them are occupied while others decline passengers because the ways to their respective destinations are experiencing heavy traffic.

Well, thank goodness for 24/7 Taxi!

24/7 Taxi - Great Pick Up Service!

24/7 Taxi offers a pick up service for those who are in need of a cab. You can call them up (number’s at the bottom) a day before to schedule the time of pick up. I’m not totally familiar with the areas they service though they did fetch my sister in Pasig City last Thursday.

So okay, you might say that other taxi companies provide the same service, but there’s a big difference! Two actually. First, they only charge an additional 70 pesos for the pick up service unlike other companies that has a starting rate of 300 pesos for a certain distance. Also, look at the picture I inserted before the previous paragraph. Notice anything? Yes, that’s a new Corolla Altis. Most of their cabs are new, unlike the old (not to mention dirty) cabs of other companies. I’ve seen a lot of their cabs and most of them are new.

So the next time you need a cab, call 24/7 Taxi. It’s like having your very own car and driver.

24/7 Taxi :: 6423525