I love spending Friday nights with my friends, don’t you? Dinner outs, in my opinion, are the best way to spend a fine Friday night since aside from having your tummy filled, you would have some nice and relaxed chit-chat moments with your friends.

Last night, I ate out with three of my friends at Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant located in the Mega Atrium.

Bigby's Cafe & Restaurant

This is my second time eating here, the first was last year when I tagged along with my upperclassmen friends-slash-orgmates. Bigby’s is a great place for groups of friends since they have platter meals, or meals which have a lot of everything. The pricing is a bit steep but the quality of the food makes up for it.

Ino (a friend of mine since my high school days in La Salle Greenhills) and I arrived earlier than my other two friends so we ordered some appetizers. We ordered their Tijuana Quesadilla and Southwest BBQ Fish Salad.

The Tijuana Quesadilla is really good. I ordered the plain one which comes with salsa. It only had cheese-filling but it was really good. The cheese was creamy and the tortilla used was perfect — not burnt nor too pale. It went well with the Southwest BBQ Fish Salad.

Yum! Southwest BBQ Fish Salad

The salad tasted really nice. It is made up of lettuce, salsa fresca, corn kernels, tomatoes, jicama, and egg plus tortilla-encrusted fish fingers and hickory barbecue dressing. The fish fingers are a bit salty though but it was good overall.

When Jamie arrived, we ordered our main course, a really big main course. We ordered one Belly Buster Food Trip Platter which is good for around four to five people. It is a combination of baby back ribs, grilled rodeo pork chops, and slices smoky pork belly served with garlic rice, buttered vegetables, and onion rings.

Woah! A Big Platter at Bigby's!

We tried the onion rings first since it was all on top of everything. I found the onion rings a bit on the tough side with its breading being hard rather than crispy. Anyway, everything after the onion rings were perfect. I loved the smoky (yes, it’s called smoky not smoked) pork belly! It was very flavorful and it was cooked perfectly. Same could be said about the pork chops though I loved the pork belly more. The baby back ribs were delicious as well. It was cooked just right, with the meat falling of from the bones easily. The three were great with the buttered vegetables and garlic rice, though I wish they increased the amount of rice.

But wait, there’s more! If you think we have eaten so much food already, think again. I had a coupon for a that entitles us to a free bowl of Katsu Diner Chops if our bill reaches at least 600 pesos. The Katsudon was good, but it wasn’t at par with the ones served at Japanese restaurants.

Jamie, Me, and Ino

All in all, our dinner experience as Bigby’s was very pleasurable. We spent more time catching up with each other rather than eating and their refillable Lemonade was heaven sent since we stayed their for quite a while.

If you will be eating out with your friends, do check out Bigby’s. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

[Click here for more information about Bigby’s Cafe & Restaurant]