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Do you like sandwiches? I sure do. I usually eat one for lunch when at work. The thing is, I’m the one who prepares the sandwich I eat. Wouldn’t it be great if there’s a place where you can buy a good, healthy sandwich? Well, thank God for The Sandwich Guy!

The Sandwich Guy - A Must Try!

The Sandwich Guy is a small restaurant located in Eastwood City, specifically in front of the 7-11 branch beside Cyber Mall. It obviously serves the on-the-go crowd since there are only five seats available inside their restaurant and their sandwiches are packed, not served on a plate. I first heard about the place when my co-worker brought one for lunch after one of our trainings.

They have around 18 different sandwiches and each one of them looked absolutely delicious. I was staring at the menu for quite some time when the person taking my order suggested I try the HBLT sandwich, one of their best sellers. I guess she noticed I was having a hard time in choosing a sandwich! When I was about to pay, I noticed the salads on their menu. Being a salad addict, I impulsively added their Waldorf Salad to my order. The HBLT sandwich costs P70 while the Waldorf Salad costs P85, pretty reasonable if you ask me.

As I mentioned, the place is quite small but the ambiance is good. I chose to eat there since seats were available and I wanted to read the magazines that they have.

The HBLT, or the Ham, Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato sandwich, is the one that I tried first. It’s easy to understand why it’s one of their best sellers — it’s really delicious! I could tell from my very first bite that the ingredients they used were fresh. I loved the smokiness of their bacon and their ham wasn’t fatty at all.

HBLT Sandwich

Next up is their Waldorf Salad. The salad is made up of apple slices, orange wedges, and lettuce drizzled, rather, drenched in Chantilly dressing. Well, I wasn’t to impressed with this one. Their oranges were on the tough side and the dressing tasted a wee bit too strong. Good thing they’re called The Sandwich Guy and not The Salad Guy.

Waldorf Salad

Overall, The Sandwich Guy is a good place to buy something to eat. Just make sure you stick with their sandwiches.

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