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So I haven’t written an entry for more than a month, what’s new? Haha!

For the past month, I’ve been busy looking for the perfect employer for me. Emphasis on perfect and me since there’s no such thing as a perfect employer in general. Actually, I only seriously applied for three companies since I used to be dead serious about taking up my masters right after graduating and teaching in our department at the same. So when I realized that I should work in the industry first, most of the big companies were done with the initial stages of their recruitment.

Good thing, three companies invited me for recruitment one after another. I went through their recruitment process – the exams, the interviews, the waiting. One by one, they called me back. Thank God!

Choosing which company to work for was the most difficult part actually, it’s a really BIG investment with myself as the capital. I went through on-line forums  to check the feedback on the three companies as well as ask my professors about them.

In the end, I chose the company that I felt would give me the best opportunity to grow and excel. I chose the company which has a proven track record for quality and excellence. I chose the number one IT company in the world.

I chose to launch my professional career at IBM. Yes, I already signed a contract with the company.

One of the reasons I decided to go for IBM is the fact that we’d be part of the first ever Team Blue. Team Blue is IBM’s program for fresh graduates wherein the new hires go through trainings in different competencies then in the end, be assigned to a competency where they performed best.

I do hope and pray everything goes well with my first job. I really plan to stick with the company for a long long time.

Professional life starts May 24, 2010.