Memories of Madras


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Some time ago, I left my job as a software developer in IBM for a technical role in one of the global banks. I felt it was the right time back then for me to explore other opportunities so I took it. Little did I know, I was in for a roller coaster ride that lasted for almost four months.

See, when I took that job, I thought my life will finally have some normalcy. I saw myself getting thrown to different locations in my first job so I wanted a bit of change. Imagine how surprised I was when less than a month into my new job, our team was told that we’ll be sent to Chennai.


Chennai, formerly known as Madras, is the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is located at the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal, east of India. It’s the fourth-largest city in India and is known as the safest city in India.

Before I begin describing the experience, let me just say that I was not excited at all when I found about the trip. My idea of a business trip, based on my previous role, was in Singapore. Maybe Kuala Lumpur. Probably Jakarta or Bangkok. My other friends even went farther like New York, Istanbul, and London. But Chennai?

Finally, I just thought everything will be fine. Or maybe not.

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Trip Report: Sriwijaya Air from Semarang to Jakarta


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This is some sort of a continuation of my previous post.

When I was booking for my flights within Indonesia, I used Due to my preference in flight times, my inbound and outbound flights to Semarang were of different airlines. My flight back to Jakarta was with Sriwijaya Air.

Sriwijaya Air is Indonesia’s third largest airline. It is considered a medium-service airline – not a low-cost carrier but not quite a full-service one. They mostly serve domestic flights but they do have some international flights within Asia.

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Trip Report: Batik Air from Jakarta to Semarang


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It’s impressive. Amazing. Extraordinary. Those words pop into mind whenever I recall my Batik Air experience.

Before this flight, the only other non-flag carrier I’ve taken outside of the Philippines was Jeju Air. I didn’t expect much from Batik Air when I was booking my flights within Indonesia, I just booked the most affordable ones that fits my schedule. I really wanted to fly Garuda but because it was twice as expensive, I opted not to.

Batik Air, by the way, is a new airline whose parent company is Lion Air. It first flew in May 2013. It’s a full-service airline though currently it only flies within Indonesia.

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Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen Pasig


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I love working in coffee shops. I don’t know why but I’m most productive when I am in a place where the smell of coffee permeates the air.

Last February, I started to notice a new coffee shop whenever I pass by Pasig Boulevard. It may sound odd but it’s situated at a gasoline station where one would usually find a convenience store.

Eight Ounce Coffee + Kitchen is within the FilOil Gas Station along Pasig Boulevard near Kapitolyo. According to their barista, they opened in January 2015. They use Douwe Egberts coffee from the Netherlands. Continue reading

Buffalo Wild Wings at Estancia


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One of the indicators of a good restaurant is how full it is. If it is full and there are a lot of people waiting for their turn to dine, then the restaurant must be something special. One such restaurant is Buffalo Wild Wings at Estancia, Capitol Commons. Don’t be fooled by the pic. That was taken past 10 PM hence the vacant tables. You would usually see many people waiting outside just to get a table. Buffalo Wild Wings is an American franchise. It’s a mix of casual dining and sports bar that specializes in… wings! Continue reading

Lunch at Melo’s Restaurant


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I love Sundays. One of the reasons why is that I can have lunch with my family on that day.

Two weeks ago, my brother asked me if I wanted to eat at Melo’s. My sister gave her a Melo’s gift certificate worth 1,000 PhP last Christmas and it was about to expire. Of course, I said yes. He reserved a table for two (reservation is needed) on a Sunday.

Melo’s at Burgos Circle

It was a nice and sunny Sunday. We decided to take an Uber to Burgos Circle than bring a car for convenience’s sake. Continue reading

Excited for Indonesia


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Finally! After four years, I will be seeing my favorite country again.

Photo from my first post about Indonesia.

People often wonder why I love Indonesia so much. So much so that I’ve chosen to prioritize learning Bahasa Indonesia over Mandarin Chinese. My fascination with Indonesia has a long “history”, all the way back from my childhood. I also find Indonesians to be a very friendly group of people. Their attitude is quite similar to that of Filipinos but it seems they are more respectful. Continue reading